Goa in August

In India, August is that time of year when the monsoon season is nearing its end. The beginning of August witnesses heavy showers and towards the end of the month, the showers reduce. Goa is an excellent destination at possibly any time of the year, unlike various other states (like Mumbai which is terrible during the monsoons!).

Climate and Weather in Goa in August

Goa, like any other coastal state gets plenty of rainfall during the monsoons. The beginning of August witnesses heavy showers and towards the end it experiences sunny days with only a few showers. Over the past few years the weather in Goa has changed drastically with erratic monsoons and changing temperatures, however, the general trend of showers during the month of August is quite the same with heavy showers in the beginning of the month and drop in rains towards the end.

The climate ranges from hot and humid  to chill and breezy climates. Goa can be viewed the best during August from the scenic point of view as this month witnesses both bright sunny days, as well as cloudy and rainy days. So if you’re visiting Goa in August, you get to experience two weather conditions in Goa, the monsoons and the summers.

Tourism in Goa in August

Goa in August does not see a huge influx of foreign tourists. But neither is it completely deserted, as Indian tourists pour in, mostly to the high number of festivals and public holidays such as, Independence day, Eid Ul Fitr, Parsi New year (Shahenshahi), Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami and Shri Narayana Guru Jayanthi. Due to the monsoons, water sports along the Goan coast remain closed to avoid accidents.

Things To Do in Goa in August

Goa is well known for its beauty and charm which brings scores of people to the smallest state in India. August is an ideal time to go sight seeing and click a lot of amazing pictures. Just be sure to carry a raincoat or an umbrella when you travel as rains during this time are very uncertain.

August is more of a relaxing time in Goa and is ideal if that’s what you are looking for. If you’re the adventurous kinds and find free time only in August, not to worry much. Clubs, bars and discos are open throughout the year.

Trekking is also fun and exciting during the monsoons, specially trekking to waterfalls is fun, adventurous and risky (if you’re into that). Trekking in Cotigao (a wildlife sanctuary) is also fun and trekking to Arvalem waterfalls and Kesarval Waterfalls is exciting. Dudhsagar waterfall also reaches its peak of glory during the monsoons. Goa provides its visitors with a large number of trekking zones along the western ghats and the Karnataka border.

Goa in August does play host to a number of parties during the month of August, like friends freedom at Tito’s which is held on friendship day, and hilltop opening party. Various clubs throughout Goa host a number of parties and events.

Goa is never a ghost-town at anytime of the year. You will always find shops, restaurants and rooms open and welcoming you, no matter in which part of Goa you are. There are Taxi services and rent-a-car or rent-a-bike services open throughout the year at all major areas of Goa (Calangute, Mapusa, Panjim, Margao).

Things Not To Do in Goa in August

Towards the end of the monsoons, the seas in Goa become very rough and rip currents take place. This means that swimming is a serious no-go during the month of August. It may be permitted on some of the beaches in Goa with the presence of a lifeguard, but its advised not to go swimming during the monsoons specially without the presence of a lifeguard.

Water sports in Goa is closed all through the monsoons to avoid accidents, even in case some irresponsible individuals do provide water sports or boat rides during the monsoons, do not go as you would be putting your precious life in danger.

If you do not have the proper kit and equipment for trekking, it is advised not to go trekking during the monsoons without the presence of a guide as leeches, deadly insects and slippery surfaces can lead to your death.

Specially during the monsoons, try to avoid eating from restaurants or roadside carts as water borne diseases is quite a possibility. Also various shops, restaurants and hotels may remain closed, but the good news is that rates of rooms and foods fall considerably during the off-season.

Rash driving is always a sin, but during August be especially careful about driving as the roads are slippery and uneven. And never travel without a helmet on two-wheelers as the Goan Traffic Department is not all that generous.

Places to stay in Goa in August

A number of restaurants and hotels remain shut during this time as it is the off season in Goa during this period. However, rooms are available in plenty owing to the large number of hotels and rooms in Goa.

All Goa’s hotspots, namely Calangute, Baga, Candolim, Sinquerim, Anjuna, Vagator, Arambol, Morjim, Mapusa and Panjim in the North and Palolem, Cavelossim, Margao, Valpoi, Ponda and Canacona, all have places to stay. During August, these places aren’t altogether deserted and secluded. In order to book rooms in Goa, goarooms.in provides some of the best deals on rooms in areas of your choice, right from cheap rooms to luxury rooms in the star hotels of your choice.

During August if you’re looking out for a crowded place, then Calangute, Baga, Panaji and Mapusa will be the ideal place for you. If you want a much quieter environment, just by the sea shore, during August, Palolem and cavelossim will be ideal for you.

August is not the best time to see Goa in full swing, but if you don’t like crowds and you want to see Goa in detail without the hassles of a crowded tourists that flock during the season, then August is the time to be in Goa to admire the beauty of the place.