A Review of Spa Alila|Majorda

If you’re looking for a perfect day or evening getaway, if you’re in need of some rest and rejuvenation, look no further than the magnificent Spa Alila. The spa is situated amongst lush green paddy fields within minutes of Majorda beach in South Goa and is one of the key attractions of the luxurious Alila Diwa Hotel. Offering a range of services from Balinese and other forms of massage, to Ayurvedic therapies, to detox packages, and to beauty treatments, Spa Alila caters to your every need (or want!)

As I was escorted from the lobby, walking through the open air hallways and picturesque courtyards, admiring the infinity pool that extends over the rice paddy, my spa experience felt like it had already begun. I was brought to the reception area, where I was offered herbal tea and a rose facial mist as I waited for my appointment. I was greeted by Dr. Arjita Kumari, who described my treatment, a 60 minute Balinese massage, and checked in about any allergies that I might have. Divya, my massage therapist, then escorted me to my private massage suite, complete with personal steam room, washroom, and a luxurious outdoor rain shower. My private room was just one of ten at the spa, including five single rooms, two couples’ massage rooms (complete with jacuzzi bath!), two ayurveda treatment rooms, and a newly built salon.

I received the 60 minute Balinese massage, followed by a herbal steam bath and shower complete with Spa Alila products. The Balinese massage is a specialty of Spa Alila, as explained Dr. Kumari, and it goes beyond relaxation to stimulate the production of serotonin and trigger the detoxification process by working through the body’s lymphatic system.

Once we reached the elegant and spotless massage suite, the treatment began with a warm foot soak, followed by the massage. I was impressed by Divya’s attentiveness to my comfort during the whole process. She took extra care to check in with me throughout the massage, explaining her actions as necessary and ensuring my comfort and satisfaction. The massage was exquisite, from head to toe. Divya’s hands seemed to possess magical powers as she used her fingertips and palms to apply just the right pressure. The oil used during the massage not only smelled divine but felt divine as she applied it, warming it up with her touch. At times, I was astounded with how calming and incredible the massage felt. It was hard not to completely unwind for those 60 minutes. But it didn’t end there.

Following the massage, Divya led me to my private herbal steam bath, followed by an outdoor rain shower, surrounded by lush greenery. Spa Alila’s “Alila Living” bath products were provided for my shower. As I soaked in the ginger, lavender, and grapefruit essences, I probably lingered a little too long in my post-massage bliss… When I finally made it out of shower and got dressed, I headed back to the reception area, where Divya offered me a cup of delightful herbal tea to sip as I took in the total Spa Alila experience.

Spa Alila’s Balinese massage is only one of their many offerings. Swedish, reflexology, and hot stone massage are some of the other massage therapies offered. In addition, the Spa offers body scrubs and wraps, Ayurvedic detoxification treatments, and a wide range of beauty treatments. Check out Spa Alila’s full list of service offerings at http://www.alilahotels.com/diwagoa/spa-alila. Also, all of the products used, including massage oils and bath products, have been developed uniquely for Spa Alila and can be purchased online at http://www.shopalila.com/.

January 2015

by Asha Sitaram