Agonda Beach

Agonda is known for being a long and isolated stretch of beach which is quiet and peaceful with relatively few tourists. This beach is referred to as the Silent Beach. Agonda has very few attractions, almost everything here is untouched. Since it’s isolated, this beach hasn’t got much tourist traffic. Off late, however, it seems to be getting more popular and a few shacks are coming up. The waters here may not be as ideal if you’re looking to swim but for sunbathers, it is a beach you will enjoy.

Agonda beach is a Ridley turtle nesting site, an endangered species that the villages around are keen on protecting. Hence, this beach is not very commercial and the villagers intend to keep it that way.

Places to Stay in Agonda

  • Nana’s Nook is perfectly located and provides exceptional service here at Agonda.

  • Chattai Beach Huts is another beautiful place to stay. A little more expensive than the rest but that’s how you get luxury in a beach hut.

  • Agonda White Sand Villas are your winners if you like to vacation in the lap of luxury. One look at their Grand Luxury Villas and you’re sold.

Tourists think that the bars here are good and the rates are even better since the area is not that commercial yet so you should try them out too.

Things to do in Agonda

If the beach is too calm for you and you’d like to see some sights of south Goa, take the 18 km drive to Cabo de Rama Fort, one of the oldest forts in Goa. If the beach is not calm enough, head north from Agonda for about 10 km to Cola/Khola Beach, another secluded much smaller beach that is almost completely cut off from the outside.

How to Get to Agonda

While travelling along the National Highway to South Goa, you’ve got two options, turn right at Cuncolim or turn right before the Bali Railway Station and follow the roads until you get to Agonda. Look below for more detail.

[map address=”15.043788,73.98573″ ]