Antares Surf n Turf – Bringing the Oz to Ozran

Gaining fame for more than just the food, Antares is slowly turning into the ‘Go To’ place for good times, great food and a brilliant setting for friends and family. We found our way back to this cosy nook to try out their newly added Surf and Turf Menu which is served especially on Wednesdays along with some enticing offers.

The Place


The first thing you notice once you enter is the rustic but sophisticated setting of the beautifully thought out interiors which uses the space provided very well. The view is immediately next as the stunning view from the restaurant on the top to the beach down the hill will definitely capture any visitor’s attention and be the background for countless selfies.

The Staff


From the time you step in, you are greeted by the smiling faces of the staff who are ever present when needed. Since Sarah was overseas and Ashish out of state, we were introduced to the Restaurant Manager Pankaj, who not only makes sure the restaurant is running smoothly but also makes it a point to make the guests feel at home by making suggestions, explaining the menu, answering questions and even waiting on tables when required.

The Drinks

The drinks are handled by Sanket and his team of very skilled bartenders who make very interesting and intriguing drinks catered to the style of lounging by the beach or watching the sunset..


We started off with the Beer Mojito, a white rum and beer based take on the classic mojito where the taste is only superseded by its peculiar and unique serving style, and a Plum Bellini, a gin-based cocktail with plums and rosemary muddled, which gives a nice blend of fruit and herb in a drink.


Through the course of our meal, we also tried the Krack Your Coconut, a delicious and refreshing take on the Pina Colada served in the shell of the coconut which was a pleasing palate cleanser after the myriad of starters that we were served. The last drink we tried was the Cheesecake which was an exceptional marriage of drink and dessert. It was also very light to the taste buds that really rounded up our meal.

The Starters

As soon as we were seated, Pankaj asked us if we wanted to taste anything in particular or if we would like him to decide for us, our best decision of the night was leaving the food choices up to him. He started us off with the normal bread basket served for every table which contained well-shaped breads made in house which went splendidly with the caramelised onion puree and butter.


Then began the plethora of starters. The Chargrilled Beef with Onion cream and Pepper Jus was first and its presentation immediately made our mouths water. The taste was sublime, the onion cream was brilliantly pureed and was not grainy and the Jus was the perfect consistency of thick which coated the beef magnifying its flavour.


We were then served the Chargrilled Chicken with Peanut Nam-Jim Sauce skewers. The chicken was succulent and the Nam-Jim matched with it very well without being overpowering. A brilliant blend of Thai and Outback cooking styles.


Third was the Barbeque Chilli Prawns with Pickled Cucumber. There’s hardly ever a time where you can go wrong with a prawn dish and here it was no different. The prawns were beautifully cooked, the chilli lingered on the tongue but was not too much and the pickled cucumber went exceedingly with the prawns to round out this dish.


Up next was and now is my personal favourite, the Slow Cooked Pork Ribs with a Spicy Slaw. Immediately you will notice that the meat is cooked to perfection. It falls off the bone, the marinade has penetrated completely and the taste is simply exquisite. An absolute must try off their Surf and Turf menu.


We rounded out the starters with the Chargrilled Chicken with Smoked Corn Puree and Pomegranate Salsa, a deliciously cooked chicken which matched well with the fruity salsa and the well-blended corn puree, and the Quinoa salad, a light fruity salad with goats cheese that helped settle our palates for the main course to come.

The Mains


For the mains, we were served the Grilled Chicken and Pickled Cucumber with Goan rice which was succulent and juicy with a nice tinge of lemon that went well with the rice and cucumber. The other dish we had was the Antares take on rice, curry and fish. The snapper was steamed in a banana leaf which was, like the starters, very well cooked with all the flavour sealed in every bite.

The Dessert


At the end of this diverse range of foods we reached the final course ‘Dessert’. We were served Sarah Todd’s famous Iced Nougat with pistachio, pomegranate and a strawberry coulis. We had this the last time we were here and this time as well it did not disappoint.

The Verdict

Antares is a beautiful place to come with friends or family to hang out and share a meal. The view will keep you gazing  and the food will keep you coming back for more. You will be impressed by the attention to detail put into this venture by both Sarah and Ashish which has also permeated to their staff and I’m sure their new Surf and Turf menu will do very well.

As Alan D. Wolfelt once said, Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.”