Art Cafe | Parra

A kaleidoscope of all things food, fashion, art, creativity and craft.

Once home to their favourite neighborhood thali joint, the Dolphin Bar, this little open aired space found tucked away in the back lanes of Parra has in the last year been transformed into one of Goa’s best kept secrets. Art Cafe Parra is the kind of place one might only randomly stumble upon while getting lost in the Goan countryside, but once there you’ll likely never want to leave.GM_Art Cafe Parra01Easily ticking away the day over a cup of freshly ground coffee, sipping on seasonally prepared fruit smoothies made straight from the garden, or filling up on a plate of delicious home cooked food. All the while admiring the endless number of quirky knick knacks, books and beautifully handcrafted furniture that fills every inch of the room.GM_Art Cafe Parra02Focused on promoting all things local, they source the majority of their ingredients from surrounding villages and the neighboring Ambrosia Organic Farm. Stressing the importance and value of fair trade practices in everything that they do.   And they’re not just focusing on the food, making this little art cafe so much more than just your new favourite watering hole.GM_Art Cafe Parra 3For not only have owners Miriam Strehlau and her husband Ivan successfully converted the former locals joint into the ideal artists oasis, combining their life long love of art, fashion, design and healthy living, but they are eagerly opening it up to the entire community. Encouraging others from around the area to come in and make use of the space by not just stopping in for a quick bite but by collaborating on all sorts of creative projects.GM_Art Cafe Parra04And while they may only be one season old, these two have a whole lot more in store for the little cafe come the new season.  Having already experimented with workshops, film nights and permaculture classes in the past, they are certainly looking forward to implementing many more such ventures this coming year.  Expanding their own onsite garden and outdoor spaces, while maintaining the small studio space along side the back kitchen.  This is where you can find Miriam, a fashion designer by profession, dreaming up all of the latest pieces to the next collection of her self titled clothing line.GM_Art Cafe Parra05The cafe itself offers a range of healthy and nutritious dishes, both veg and non-veg, along with daily lunch specials all with an authentic Goan inspired touch. Currently open until the end of May, Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm with film screenings every Saturday night from 6pm onwards.  They’ll then be shutting up shop for the monsoons and plan to resume their regular hours by August.

Come for the food or for the joy of exploring the space itself.  We’ve yet to decide which we love most.

Cash only and found at 350 Bokeanchi Aradi, Parra, Goa 403 510