Art Exhibition at Achies Art Gallery | Chandor

If you happen to be in Goa and have a little artist in you, you should stop by Achies Art Gallery on the 23rd of January 2016 for an interesting exhibition of art by people from far off corners of the state. The theme of the exhibition, Life, is chosen to represent human form, feelings and the mind.

couples_Hitesh PankarYou would find interesting paintings and installations all over the place.

The Exhibition would be curated by Mohan Naik and Swetlana Cardoso. Some of the artists making an appearance here are Mohan Naik, Harshada Kerkar, Sonia Rodrigues Sabrawal, Norman Tagore, Manjunaath Naik, Hitesh Pankar, Ramona Galardi, Vitesh Naik, Aadhi Vishal, Katharina Poggendorf Kakar , Nandini Raikar, Francis De Sousa, Osborne Carvalho, Diptej Vernekar, Ayesha Seth, Rajan Fulari, Vijay Bhandare, Gourish Poke, Kalidas Mhamal and a few others.

EBB OF LIFE_Nandini Raikar

For any information, you can always contact the curator, Swetlana at

(+91) 982 281 4957

(+91) 955 247 5233

If you cannot find the place, here be the address for you:

Grandeza, South Goa Distilleries, Guirdolim, Chandor, Goa