Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre | Saligao

A picturesque centre, with a relaxed yet sociable atmosphere, dotted with therapists and doctors of Ayurveda, as well as travelers staying on site enjoying a healthy lifestyle regimen of vegetarian meals, yoga, and purifying treatments born from this ancient way of life sums up the Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre.

Located in Saligao, North Goa, here you can offer yourself to its wide variety of Ayurvedic treatments or take up a course to learn the Ayurvedic ways.

As massage fanatics, we opted in for the Ayurvedic Massage course.


A friendly receptionist greeted us and then led us to a dark wooden classroom for the first lesson in Ayurvedic massage. Dr. Srushti and her assistant Nashata demonstrated Poonakarma – a short ritual performed at the start in order to rid oneself of bad energy and restore good energy, through very light massage movements over the body and some oil application to the chakras located on the head and face.


We were then introduced to the massage routine, which was broken down by parts of the body: Shiro Abhyanga (Head massage), Pada-Abhyanga (Leg massage), and Kati-Abhyanga (Back Massage). We were shown how they should be connected together to create a relaxing, rhythmic full body routine including the stomach area. Starting with the front, the therapist massages the client from the foot, up the body and down the arm to the fingers and then back again, in long sweeping strokes before navigating their way up with the more specific massage movements aiming to loosen the joints and release unwanted tension by pressing firmly over pressure points and chakra regions.

After the massage, the client is given a steam cleanse.

An equally important part of the 14-day course is also to learn other useful ways of treating impurities, such as:


Nasya (one of the five Panchakarma methods) is used to treat diseases of the head, nose or eyes, such as headaches or nasal congestion. The Nasya treatment consists of performing a light massage to the client’s scalp, face and neck, after which the therapist inserts 2-6 drops of medicated oil, herbal remedy or medicated ghee through the nostrils of the patient, who then receives a thorough facial steam for about 10 minutes for detoxification. Another light massage is given and the patient is given a glass of water to gargle in their throat and spit out the impurities which have been released.


Podikizhi is a treatment using heated medicated powder wrapped in a cotton cloth and lightly beating it over the problem area of the patient. In line with the other Ayurvedic techniques, the treatment begins with a light massage prior to application of the medicated substance, and then finishes with a steam cleanse.


A method where a mixture of remedial leaves, lemon, garlic, rock salt, turmeric and methi are cooked up together in a pan. This hot mixture is then wrapped in a cotton bundle, like the podikizhi, and massaged into the area requiring treatment, before finishing  with a steam cleanse.


The Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre has a serene feel to it, and we would definitely recommend a visit to this place people who would like to explore Ayurveda and experience the Indian ways of teaching it. This course is completely practical-based, which is great for getting the routines and procedures perfected. However, it is advisable to do some of your own reading up on Ayurveda for some background information to complement the practical aspect of the course, so that you can make the most of absorbing the information given and prepare any questions you may have for the teachers in advance – which they are happy to answer and discuss.


Cost: Rs 26,000 (Ayurvedic Massage Course – 14 days)

Location: Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre Pvt. Ltd, Chogm Road, Saligao, Bardez