Baba’s Wood Cafe | Panjim

Baba’s Wood Café uses a rather different approach to the whole restaurant industry, with an elegant restaurant located in the picturesque, quaint and nostalgic Fontainhas area in Panaji. A cozy rendezvous or just meeting up with friends, Baba’s Wood Café is an Italian restaurant with an ambience that emulates what Italian food is all about.

The Restaurant

The Italian cuisine here at Baba’s is one to relish. They have some of the best Italian food available in Goa. Along with a wide range of pizzas and pastas, their bar is well stocked with a good choice of wines and cocktails. Baba’s is ideal to come and spend the evening at in its colonial atmosphere with a beer, good company and delectable Italian food.

The ambience here at Baba’s is the perfect embodiment of these three ‘C’s: Comfortable, Cozy and Colonial. All the furniture here is mostly made of wood, thus the name of this restaurant. The compound that is home to this restaurant also plays host to a furniture store that is worth a visit. Maria Grazia, the owner of Baba’s Wood Café, and an Italian herself, is an excellent host to her guests. She is known to serve complimentary snacks to her patrons in a gesture of true hospitality and service apart from personally seeing to her guests.

Some rare Italian wines brought in straight from the Mediterranean are also found here. Baba’s boasts of a wine cellar where you can go and choose a wine of your liking from. It’s safe to say the variety of wines offered at Baba’s are almost certainly hand picked to compliment the food.

The restaurant is rather expensive but that’s the price for a dining experience such as this seems to be the common consensus amongst its patrons. Try Baba’s Salami Picante Pizza with mozzarella and a recommended wine to compliment it.

How to Get to Baba’s Wood Cafe

Located in the beautiful district Fontainhas in Panaji, this café is not very hard to find.