Baga Beach

Baga beach is known for its beautiful location, bordered by a hill and a freshwater stream on one side and the famous Calangute-Candolim stretch on the other. Today, it’s famous (or rather infamous) across the world for being the nightlife capital of India. Baga has the highest density of nightclubs, pubs, bars and discos anywhere in Goa.

Baga beach (and it’s neighbour Calangute) receives the highest number of tourists that make their way to Goa. It’s shores are lined numerous beach shacks and a diminishing number of fishing boats (when they’re not out fishing) that stretch out as far as the eye can see.

Attractions in Baga

Clubs, Bars and Pubs in Baga

Baga is the nightlife district of Goa. Tito’s, Mambo’s, Cafe La Musica, Ivy, Cocktails and Dreams, Kamakis and a slew of other nightclubs and bars all line the famous Tito’s Lane. Without any doubt, on any night during any season in Goa, there will be a party and a crowd somewhere along Tito’s lane and people from Goa, the Indian metros and half of Europe and North America head here.

Water Sports in Baga

After Calangute, Baga quite possibly has the highest density of water sport operators in Goa.  is known for it wide range of watersports or water related activities. It gets its fair share of tourists from Goa’s tourism industry who come here for the water sports besides the clubs. There are so many different water activities here that it makes you feel one evening will not be enough to even begin enjoying them all.


Bikinis, jewellery, gems, clothes, souvenirs and everything in between, for better or worse, you will find it in Baga. The streets are closely lined with merchants from across India. Take a walk along the main streets and the tiny lanes and you’re bound to find something interesting to take back home.

Baga, Tips and Secrets

If you’re heading to Baga and it’s crazy crowds, you could do with a tip or two:

Beyond the busy beach, sail a kilometre or two out to sea and you’ll see the happy dolphins. Find a boat operator along the Baga beach you’ll find cruises or fishermen that offer to take you along.

For a quieter experience, cross the freshwater creek to little Baga (it’s pretty shallow so you can easily walk across), follow the winding path through the bushes and towards the sea and you will be in for a beautiful surprise. Above you is an old monastery and to your right is a solitary beach shack. Ahead of you lies the Arabian Sea. Not many people will be around.

Instead of heading to Tito’s lane, head one lane north and walk all the way to the beach. Here you’ll find a few tasteful shacks and bars like Cafe La Musica. The music, crowd, food and hosts are much better here.

Baga, Goa – How to get there

Baga is a seaside town in the Bardez sub district of North Goa. The well known Calangute beach is located around 2 kms South of Baga.

If you’re heading to Baga from Panjim follow the Chogm Road and turn right at the Dolphin circle. Then take a left turn a little before Hotel Palmarina, follow the road till you reach the circle where the road splits up into three ways, one heading to Candolim, the other Calangute and the third Baga. Turn right at this circle and follow the road till you reach Baga.

Average Transit Fares to Baga

Taxi Fares to Baga

Rickshaw Fares to Baga

Motorcycle Taxi Fares to Baga

Approx Transit Time to Baga

Dabolim Airport, Mormugao


Margao, Railway Station

Tivim, Railway Station

Suggested Plans for a Day in Baga

A perfect day at Baga is one where you wake up and get some breakfast at a shack along the beach. After breakfast you could enjoy your morning by going for a walk on the beach, maybe lie in the sand and read a book or go sightseeing. Next stop, lunch! Finding the perfect place will not be difficult along the Baga stretch. After lunch it usually gets really hot so it is quite difficult to do much outdoors.

When the sun starts making its descent it would probably be a good time to go and get some of that water sport action. Watching the sun set adds a  perfect end to the perfect day. For a late night experience hitting the nightclubs sounds like a good idea (if thats what you’re into). If not just letting the evening slip by at Cafe La Musica would be the perfect end.





Baga Beach


Cafe Lazy Days





Lemon and Spice


Water Sports

Baga Beach


Cafe La Musica Beach Shack



Fire and Ice


Mambos Cafe and Club

Suggested Plans for a Weekend in Baga




Day 1



Day 2





Day 3




Hotels in Baga

Being in Baga definitely has its advantages. You can always find a place to stay, however this may be difficult during the tourist season so I won’t stress on the word affordable. There are a wide range of hotels to choose from that include The Lazy Lagoon Sarovar Portico Suites, 16 Degrees North and the Baga Marina.



Distance from Beach (walk)


Resort Rio


Baga Marina


Beira Mar Alfran Resort


Restaurants in Baga

There are too many restaurants in Baga that it would take forever to choose a place to  have a meal. Restaurants such as Brittos and Infantaria have served millions of tourists visiting Baga since the early days of Goa’s tourism.



Pricing (Rs per person)


J&A’s Little Italy



Shining Star Beach Shack





Cafes and Beach Shacks in Baga

Besides the restaurants, it is a good idea to try the food out at the shacks on Baga beach. They serve tasty food while also having the advantage of being on the seashore. Since baga was one of the first beaches in Goa to see tourists, the shacks on Baga beach are among the oldest in Goa and have some of the most experienced chefs and staff.

Cafe / Beach Shack




Andrews Beach Shack

Skylark Beach Cafe

Cafe La Musica

Cafe / Bar / Lounge

Clubs and Bars in Baga

As mentioned earlier, Baga is known for it nightlife. This area is so popular it is referred to as the clubbing district of Goa, as there are a majority of the Goan nightclubs on this stretch. The best months to visit Goa would be from December to February.



Entry Fees (Rs per Head)


Cape Town




Club Ivy

Bar / Lounge