Baina Beach

Baina beach, situated in the Port town of Mormugao, is definitely one of the best beaches in South Goa, especially after the former Chief Minister did a thorough clean-up few years ago. People have been thronging the gradually developing beach ever since.

This beach is considered safe for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving as the currents here are quite calm and its close promixity to the city makes it a popular tourist spot among the masses.

Places To Go in Baina

The gradually developing beach offers a massive playground for beach buffs and water lovers. You can go for a swim into the ocean all by yourself or hire a scuba diving suit and an instructor to explore the deeper sea. Baina beach is the perfect spot for the adrenaline junkies and adventurers who are keen on doing something radical.

Things To Do in Baina

Indulge in an Ayurvedic massage right on the beach as you enjoy the view of the sea and feel the breeze. They’re known to be very comforting and definitely make you feel better.

Throughout the year, Baina hosts beach festivals that are held right on the beach along with Cultural Programs. These usually attract a large crowd to the beach who are keen on catching a glimpse of Goan culture on a beach.

How To Get to Baina

The way to Baina is pretty simple, keep following the Vasco main road until you reach the Indian Oil Storage Tanks, there you’ll find a junction, take the left  turn and then take the next right, keep following the road until you end up at Baina.

[map address=”15.394853,73.804687″ ]