The Banyan – A slice of Asia in Goa | Assagao

The Place

The brainchild of Tejpal a third generation restaurateur, The Banyan is a quaint little restaurant nested on the outskirts of Assagao. As you enter through a delicately carved wooden door, you will immediately understand why Tejpal spent months scouring every nook and corner to finally settle on this place.
The Banyan - Door

Set inside the courtyard of an old Portuguese house a 300 year old banyan tree provides the cornerstone of the entire setting.
The Banyan - Tree of Life

Everything from the placement of the tables to the natural decor to the bar design, has been purposefully thought of and executed to the painstaking details. The Banyan - Seating

The Banyan

There is this unwritten rule that says you must never see the restaurant kitchen where your food is being cooked at. Tejpal on the other hand proudly opens up his kitchen and even takes you on a tour through it. The attention to details that we see on the outside is also present inside in the kitchen. Everything and everyone in the kitchen moves through a predefined process that ensures your food is being cooked in a clean environment, is served on time and consistent in taste.

Be sure to check out the vertical garden beside the kitchen and see for yourself the greens and herbs that go into giving your food those delicate flavours.
The Banyan - Fresh Greens

The Food

The Banyan serves a delightful array of Asian cuisine with popular dishes from Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
To start off with you must try the stir fried lotus stem with Korean black bean sauce. It was heavenly and started off our meal with a good flavour lingering in our mouths. Who knew something as simple as lotus stem could be made to taste so good.

The Tofu Tangsuyuk as the name suggest is a mixture of tofu and vegetables cooked in a sweet and sour sauce served on a banana leaf. The sweet & sour flavours of the sauce and the juices of the banana leaf all combine to form a riot of flavours as you chew into the soft delicious tofu.
tofu tang

Traditional Thai style boiled eggs glazed with a sweet and sour tamarind sauce and garnished with herbs was a surprisingly delicious take on boiled eggs. A very fun way of consuming those daily proteins.
The Banyan - Son in law eggs

The Prawn and Chicken Sui Mai, Sea Food Salad and Prawn Cheung Fun provide wholesome options for the sea food lovers.chicken prawns sumai

sea food salad

prawn chung fan

To finish off with the main course one can either go with the Roast Duck Open Bao and Burmese Khowsuey or a simple Massaman Curry and Basil rice combination.
roast duck bow

No meal is complete without a sweet ending. The Thap Thim Krop dessert made out of cubes of water chestnut dipped in syrup served in coconut milk, is so delicious that having one will leave you unsatisfied.
Thapthim Krop

The Verdict

Everything about the place screams hell yeah! The Banyan is one of those restaurants that you can keep going back to again and again and be delighted everytime. A beautiful ambiance, delicious food and the very gracious host, all make this a perfect pace to cozy up with your bae or break bread with your family or simply chill out with your friends.

In the way the French appreciate good food – C’est Fantastique!


The Banyan - Sign
Located in 345/1, Munag Vado, Assagao on the road that leads to Siolim.
For reservations you can call 074474 77502 or 074474 77503
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