Beaches in Goa

Pic_not_by__fabianmossbergGoa, being located on the western coast of the Indian peninsula has a large coastline filled with more than fifty beaches, some of the beaches in Goa are so isolated that they see a handful of people a month.

Beaches in Goa stretch from the North to the South

Goa is known for its really long coastline, which was a minor issue when the Portuguese conquered Goa. This was because back in the day most fleets, along with soldiers, attacked a place using the sea route.

Around this time, they took up the responsibility of putting up forts all over the Goan coastline. Many of these weren’t maintained after the Portuguese were forced to leave Goa and are in ruins. Those that survived the harsh weather during the Goan summers and monsoons and didn’t get completely destroyed, were renovated to their original architecture as they are of significance to the history and the rich Portuguese influence in Goa.

Today, most popular Goan beaches are in close proximity to one or the other fort nearby that tourists can enjoy while they are in the area.

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There is more to beaches in Goa than sun and sand

Other than the usual sun, sand and large number of tourists that are the sight at the popular beaches of Goa, there is way more to the beaches here.

  • Goa has a long and colourful history and is full of historic sites, most forts are located within walking distance from a beach since they were built close to the coastline.

  • Some beaches have unexplored areas that can be enjoyed all by yourself, especially if an overcrowded beach isn’t what you’re looking for.

  • Most beaches have now turned to commercial hotspots with all the roads leading up to it lined with mega-stores, tattoo parlours, boutiques, travel agencies, hotels, restaurants and, of course, shacks.

  • Many beaches have daily tour packages that are primarily set up for you to see Goa in a lot more glory. You will be taken out to sea nice and early in the morning on Dolphin Tours or trips to abandoned islands where you will be welcomed by chilled beers and some of the best tasting fish caught fresh and grilled right in front of you along with some other delectable Goan delicacies.

  • Many beaches are also full of water sports like parasailing, banana boat ride, jet skis, windsurfing and at some beaches, scuba diving.

All in all, the beaches of Goa speak for themselves and the experience here is not something you will experience elsewhere.