The Beer Circus drops the curtains on their first event in Goa

The Beer circus, a two-day festival celebrating the best brands of beer, breweries and beer-drinking traditions from around the world, made it’s anticipated debut in Goa in early November this year. The festival was curated and organized by Joshua Antao, Ayesha Kirti Gurung and Natasha Parekh of  Pataka Events. The trio brought decades of event management experience to design a global fiesta with local candor.  Crowds of beer enthusiasts flocked to the beautiful Stone Water Eco Resort in South Goa for a weekend binge on stouts, ales, lagers and more; all set against the backdrop of live music and dance.

16 notable brands of beer and the scenic beauty of the Bogmalo, beach-side resort attracted more than 1500 people to the event on 4 and 5 November.

Activities at the event

The beer circus featured a Brewniversity, where attendees were educated in the art and tact of beer-making. @TalesofFroth, also known as JohnJohn Eapen, lead the beer knowledge sessions.  Eapen took the audience on a rare journey spanning the history of beer, which begins at the dawn of civilization itself, through its evolution across different cultures. The sessions concluded in a beer tasting that trained participant’s palettes to detect flavor, color, and texture based intricacies in the beverage.

Food stalls at the festival carried the spirit of beer into culinary selections that blended well with the drink.  A coveted lineup of bands and musicians traveled across the country to compose a unique soundtrack for the event with multi-genre tunes.

The Band and Lineup

The Jass Bastards, The Fanculos, Thaalavattam, Voctronica, Bombay Djembe Folas, Mc Kaur and the Band, Raul with Raagas2Riches and Alphacode7  played everything from acapella tracks to West African folk numbers. M. Meanwhile, Sammy Coelho kept the crowd entertained with beer yoga sessions.

On the second day, the sound of clinking beer mugs and plucked guitar strings were subsumed by the roaring hurtle of 50 Harley Davidsons riding to the event.   

The festival delicately and seamlessly mixed a range of amusing activities across two impressive days along with a South Goan shoreline. With the first edition of the beer circus clocking instant success, we are left hoping they will come back with more beer, music, and memories for next year.