Benaulim Beach

Benaulim is a tiny coastal town in the Salcete sub district of South Goa. This location is famous for its beach and known for its history. The Benaulim area is divided into two beaches, Benaulim, that attracts all the tourists and Vaddi beach, which is a little under developed and gets almost no attention.

Benaulim is a small coastal village located in the South of Goa. It is known for its beach and the legend of being the exact place struck by the arrow of the Gods causing Goa to emerged from the sea.

Places To Go in Benaulim

Benaulim is a relatively well developed beach so there are many place hotels and resorts nearby. Finding a place here is never a problem. Some of the well known hotels and Resorts in Benaulim are Beach Club, San Joao Holiday Homes, Royal Goan Beach Club, Palm Grove Cottages and many others.

Rafaels Benaulim; This restaurant is designed to look like a bar and rumoured to serve the best Goan food. If you are in the area interested in trying the best Goan food you ever had, stop here.

Things To Do in Benaulim

There are many restaurants in Benaulim that serve delicious food along with a variety of cuisines.Some of the choices of restaurant are Joecon’s Restaurant and Hotel, Luna and others.

Benaulim Beach is filled with Shacks dotted across the shore. The roads leading up to the beach are lined with Pani-Puri Stalls that serve a wide variety of food to choose from.

Benaulim houses many clubs and pubs that are keen on entertaining the tourists till the wee hours of the night. Head to Fiplees Pub and Disco or Adega Camoens Nightclub for a night of merry drinking!

How To Get to Benaulim

Its pretty simple to get to Benaulim; While heading along the Colva main road (the area between Vanelim and Varca), remember to head westward, ie. if you’re heading North turn left or vice versa. Benaulim is 40 minutes away from the Airport but an hour’s drive away from Panjim, the capital.

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