Betul Beach

Betul Beach is a small coastal village in South Goa, the village is pretty rustic with the main occupation being fishing, and this is quite convenient since the village has its own beach. Betul on the western side of the village is known for the shade provided by all the fruit bearing and coconut trees. The unique texture and color of the sand makes it infamous among visitors.

Places to Stay in Betul

Although Betul is quite under developed and rustic many of the well known hotel franchises have opened up near or around Betul, so if you have transportation or are in the mood for walking you can always find what you’re looking for just a 5 – 10 mins away. There are many famous restaurants that have opened up in this area, some of the more popular ones, Hotel RiverSal by the Sea, along with Mayfair Hideaway Spa Resort.

Things to do in Betul

Betul beach is famous for fishing so the shacks here serve the freshest and tastiest seafood, your trip to Goa cannot be complete without tasting the food here.

There aren’t many restaurants in the area but the few try to make up. The food served here is limited to authentic seafood.

Betul is known for fishing and serves as a docking station to various trawlers and row boats. Talk your way through with the friendly locals and you might just get an opportunity to go for a boat ride with the fishermen!

How to Get to Betul Beach

Just travel south along the National Highway and take a right at the Chinchinim-Cuncolim junction and keep following this road. You should end up right at Betul.

[map address=”15.151796,73.946608″ ]