The big fat Goan hat wraps up their third edition on the shores of Utorda

What better place to pick a frisbee, head to the beach and enjoy a game or two, than Goa? The big fat Goan hat is a frisbee tournament taking place on the seashores of Goa for some time now. This year the event returned for their third installment. The response to this event too was phenomenal with more than 150 players from all over the country heading down to Utorda, Goa.

India’s most anticipated frisbee tournament kicked off on the 8th of December. The event lasted three days and wrapped up on the 10th of December. Players signed up for the event in their own personal capacity. They were not allowed to form teams but were allocated to them. All teams were created on the spot, and not pre-planned.

The reason that the big fat Goan hat stands out from other tournaments is since they focus on fun, more than anything else. The event introduced new, silly, weird but hilarious concepts like dancing everytime someone scores. Participants had to compulsorily wear the silliest hats ever seen. Overall though, it was the parties, the pre-parties, the post parties and the random ones that kept all participants coming back for more year after year.

The tournament began on the 8th of December, at the BITS campus. The rest of the event continued along the shores of Utorda.