Cafe Inn | Palolem

Feel like a good coffee while in South Goa? Café Inn serves some of the best coffee and other accompaniments to everyone who walks through their door. This is a quiet café on Palolem beach’s main road. Palolem doesn’t see as many tourists as one would find in North Goa but you definitely will find a few here at the café.

The Café

Café Inn is a popular spot in Palolem. It attracts a varied clientele from all over the world and rightly so. The food here is nothing short of mouth watering. This is the kind of place you want to try everything on the menu at. From drool worthy milkshakes to refreshing juices to fresh salads to delectable sandwiches to a fantastic barbeque in the evenings, Café Inn pleases every palate it caters to. If you’re an early riser, visit the café for some breakfast that’ll just make your day even better.

Though, unlike other cafés, alcohol is on the menu here, this is one place where the juices and milkshakes are well worth giving up on the alcohol for. Don’t be surprised if you can’t stop at one. That’s the normal trend here.

How to Get to Café Inn

Café Inn is tucked away from plain sight behind the Palolem Beach resort. Follow the map to get there.