Candolim Beach

Candolim beach attracts many tourists thanks to the MV River Princess, a transport ship that ran aground nearby. This doomsday sight, through many movies,  made the area very popular.  Besides the slow-motion spectacle environmental disaster, Candolim beach is also famous for the beautiful and plentiful sand dunes that brace it’s shores.

Attractions in Candolim

Candolim was once the centre of the British package tourist industry in Goa  and is now the realm of the Russian charter tourist. Not much has changed between the transition. The main road to Candolim beach is lined with hundreds of little shops. Fortunately, and strangely, the crowds do not seem to make their way to the beach and it is still relatively quiet and peaceful.

Shopping for Jewellery in Candolim

When it comes to the beaches in Goa, Candolim isn’t anything out of the ordinary. An area where Candolim does shine though is in the endless series of jewelry and accessory stores along it’s many inner streets.

Find a Lagoon

Depending on the season and the weather conditions and especially during the monsoons, several mini lagoons emerge along Candolim beach. Although this is quite common along several beaches in Goa, Candolim seemingly has plenty.

Candolim, Tips and Secrets

Make sure you take a walk along holiday street after 5pm. The little shops shut down soon after sunset and they are ever eager to close a few more sales for the day – an ideal time to bargain.

Candolim, Goa – How to Get There

Candolim is a small village, in the Bardez subdistrict of North Goa. It has Calangute to the North and Fort Aguada, Sinquerim to the South. The beauty of this beach adds a lot to Goa’s tourism industry. Tourists visit Candolim for many reasons but the important one being that the World Famous Sunburn Music Festival is celebrated nearby.

Its not very difficult to get to Candolim by sea but by road it may be a little tricky. If you’re heading to Candolim from Panjim via the Chogm Road, keep following it till you pass Saligao and reach the Dolphin Circle in Calangute. At the Dolphin Circle take a left turn and keep following the Road till you reach the Candolim Panchayat, take the next right after the Panchayat and follow it till you reach the beach.

The best way ( I hear ) to spend your morning is to go shopping in Candolim or you could travel a little away and visit the Chapora Fort or the Aguada Fort in Sinquerim. If walks on the beach is what you fancy, go for it. For lunch there are plenty of restaurants to choose from and each serving different foods along with their own unique ambiance. In the evening you could go for a swim or the different activities, Candolim isn’t famous for this department but Calangute within walking distance could definitely come to the rescue.When the sun is setting you could stay on the beach and watch it go down, a walk seems smart, followed by dinner or a visit to a club.

Hotels in Candolim

Finding a place to stay while in Candolim is a piece of cake except if its during tourist season, where we could come to the rescue. If you don’t fancy hotels, people are always lending out guest rooms so tourists can rent them to avoid the trouble of hunting for a hotel. Finding these people isn’t difficult, just look for the ‘rent’ sign.

There are many hotels in Candolim that people can stay at. Their ratings ranging from 5 star all the way down to 3 star and the ones that are too small or lack the requirements to get rated. Hotels such as Alor The Grande Holiday Resort, Park Inn Resort to Tropicano Beach Resort offer their services to people travelling from near and far.

Restaurants in Candolim

Picking a spot to have a meal might be a bit of a problem with the wide variety you have to choose from. Restaurants are easily spotted all along the road with different specialities, different sizes and each creating their own unique ambiance. Restaurants such as Cecilia’s, Harmony Bistro and many others provide mouth watering meals for you, your friends and family to enjoy.

Cafes and Beach Shacks in Candolim

There are many beach shacks in Candolim to choose from. Most of them don’t bother publicising so the best way to know about them is to walk along the beach and just try out random ones that you see along your path

Clubs and Bars in Candolim

Judging Candolim from the outside you can say the beach never sleeps, the lights are bright during the day and late at night. The nightclubs in Candolim range from Shiro, Butter, SinQ Beach Club and many others. So there is always something or the other to do at Candolim. The best months to visit Goa would be December to February.