Curlies Beach Shack

The View From Curlies.

The View From Curlies. Photograph by Karthik Gundi

Curlie’s is an iconic beach shack in Goa. There aren’t too many people who don’t know of it’s existence. If you’re one of those few, get moving already.

Curlie’s, the Legend

Located right on the shore of Anjuna Beach, this shack is one of those places that you can spend an entire day at doing absolutely nothing and still not know where the time went when you have to leave. That’s the charm of just sitting by the beach sipping on your drink or drinks, if you please. Listen to some light ambient electronic music, tap your feet to it lightly under the table or get up and dance when the music gets louder towards the evening, maybe play some pool, or go upstairs to the dance floor and dance your blues away with the live DJ playing his set or, of course, go for a swim. There’s a lot you can do in and around Curlie’s. All you have to do is get there with absolutely nothing on the agenda and you’ll have a good time for sure. No wonder this shack is a hippie haven.

The food at Curlie’s may not be comparable to a 5-star restaurant. There isn’t all the extra flair and display that you get at a big restaurant but that doesn’t mean their food compromises on taste. Get ready to enjoy their plethora of cuisines as well as drinks. This shack is also very reasonably priced and you shouldn’t do much damage to your pockets even if you indulge yourself a little. They also have accommodation available in case you haven’t found a place already.

How to Get to Curlie’s

Getting to Curlie’s might seem a bit complicated at first but just follow the map or ask people around you.