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Goa’s latest addition to the world of online retailers and the newest spot to shop for exclusive quality made products.

Sure Goa’s often been described as an artist’s paradise but when it comes to business, one would have never said it was the most profitable of places. Drawing in a diverse crowd of creative individuals from around the world for decades and yet always remaining slightly cut off from the world of international commerce. However thanks to an increased accessibility, the Internet, it’s quickly becoming recognized as so much more than just an inspirational escape. Now boasting the kind of international exposure previously only accessible within the country’s metros, all the while maintaining the laidback lifestyle we so often give up in pursuit of success in the city. Securing its potential as not just a weekend destination but as an equally ideal space for young entrepreneurs and startups to set up base for the long run.

A prime example of which is the trio of designers behind the recently launched e-commerce business, DaFlokk.com. An online platform determined to promote the importance of quality designs developed overtime and made to order without the constraints of today’s fast-fashion mentality. An unfortunate reality that so often results in an artist’s compromise on quality for marketability. Something they are all too familiar with themselves, having each worked within the industry for over a decade. Gaining experience within everything from film making and advertising to designing an exclusive line of jewelry for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. Specializing in mouth blown glass and training under the Australian glass artist Jane Cowie to heading their own design studio Karst Design. Experimenting with everything from concrete, metal and wood to designing commissioned work for private collectors, corporates and hotels around the world. So after years of shifting between both Singapore and Delhi, siblings Nitin and Nitya Gupta long with Nitya’s husband Dipankar Mukherjee decided it was time to consolidate their experiences and join forces. Launching DaFlokk.com just a few months back and choosing Goa as their base. Describing it as an extremely accessible destination for makers from all around to converge at and therefore the perfect place to establish their business.

“DaFlokk.com is a meeting ground for designers, artists, consumers and connoisseurs. Shoppers get to know the makers up close, and experience the process of making first hand.”

Part online store, part design journal, the site specializes in not only showcasing and selling  avant-garde art and design, but in promoting the artists and designers behind the products themselves. Taking the shopper behind the scenes to discover the entire process and thus understanding the value of their investment.  Not to say that the prices are even high as DaFlokk strives to keep their products as affordable as possible without sacrificing any of the quality of craftsmanship. Items which range from jewelry and accessories, to furniture, lighting and one of a kind art pieces, designed and made by independent designers from around the world.GM_DaFlokk 07Statement necklaces (INR 8,900 / 9,500) by accessories designer Rara Avis and earrings (INR 3,300)  made by Bangdar Sarali and inspired by the famed pink diamonds of TanzaniaGM_DaFlokk 02A limited edition run of handmade Linocut Prints, ‘Rhinoceros’, by product designer, artist, lomographer & traveler, Nishi Chauhan.  Collection of 10 each priced at INR 6,650.GM_DaFlokk 06Handwoven silk and woolen scarves (INR 3,200 each) by luxury brand Mitandio, a name which has its origin from a Swahili word meaning scarves. GM_DaFlokk 03The Vino Chandelier (INR 2,600) designed by Auroville based Ligh-Fish, the Bent Light aka Bendies (INR 9,600) which are the latest odd invention by Lekha Washington of Ajji and the Marigold modular lamp (INR 2,050) designed exclusively for DaFlokk at the Rayden Design Studio.GM_DaFlokk 04 A hint of British sartorial style with Lacquer Embassy’s Massionete Square (INR 1,499)

You can find out more about their concept and the full range of products along with the growing number of designers they carry by visiting their website or sign up and become a VIP shopper at DaFlokk to take advantage of all their customer perks. You can also meet two of the minds behind the business at tonight’s Art & Design Meetup organized by Startup Goa taking place at Maracus from 7pm onwards. Here co-founder Dipankar Mukherjee will be giving his talk “Would You Like some Brad Pitt with that” and discussing his views on today’s world of design.


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