Fatima’s Restaurant | Agonda

Situated towards the southern end of Agonda, Fatima’s becomes a frequented destination for those who dwell in it’s locale.

Fatima’s  was one of the first restaurants in Agonda, it is now run by Dinesh Sharma who has owned Fatima’s for 7 years of it’s 20 year life.

As it’s not beach side Fatima’s has to offer something special to keep its clientele coming back, and it’s unique offer of fresh juices, wholesome breakfasts, delicious salads, fish and Indian cuisine seems to deliver.


The restaurant’s raised floor, soft chairs, slowly turning fans and radiant kandeels provide a tranquil setting for which to observe the comings and goings of Agonda.

At the front end of the menu it’s juices, smoothies and shakes are all fresh and made to order, and this is what many know Fatima’s for.  The Elvis Presley Special, like many on the menu, has benefited from the hand of a mixologist. It’s an absolute treat for the senses – a delightful combination of banana, peanut butter and apple curd.

The breakfast options are diverse and certainly appear to meet the discerning requirements of the nearby students of the Sampoorna Yoga School. It includes muesli, fresh fruit salad and porridge which is pimped up to the clients taste, coconut is a popular choice.


A favourite lunch option is one of its wholesome and not unsubstantial salads. The ‘House Special’, is a moreish creation of salad leaves, tofu, nuts, carrot and beans dressed in olive oil, lemon with a tad of salt.

Dinesh is particularly proud of his Indian cuisine and with this in mind we tried a selection of his recommendations for dinner.

Starters comprised a set of silky steamed momos (dumplings) which melt in your mouth to reveal a delicious spiced vegetable filling. The main was colourful Kashmiri pilau rice and a perfect Aloo gobi which were accompanied by a Paneer spinach olive naan which generated a range of superlatives from the table.

So next time you’re in Agonda you know where to head to find an alternative to the typical beachside menu. IMG_1677