Flor Do Mar

Flor Do Mar is the perfect portrayal of serenity and elegance aptly living up to the Portuguese translation of its name,‘flower of the sea’.

Resting placidly along the banks of the Chapora river, Flor Do Mar treats you with the scenic view of the open sky, calm breeze and the sound of soothing waves as they gently lap against the stylish deck of this luxury bar and lounge. Anu and Gautama Dutta, the couple behind Marine Solutions that brought yachting lifestyle to India, are the proud pioneers behind Flor Do Mar offering a modernistic experience for fine dining and blissful relaxation. Proclaimed as India’s first floating bar and lounge, it boasts of two open-aired decks and a bar that seats 90 people and can accommodate up to 150 people in total. The ambience at Flor Do Mar is extremely surreal, dim lighting, minimalist interior design, wooden plank floorboards and chic decor all fit together seamlessly to create an atmosphere that harmonizes perfectly with the surrounding landscape.

Specializing in Mediterranean cuisine and utilizing the best of the best, Flor Do Mar uses only the freshest catch and the finest seasonal produce ensuring that the quality of their cuisine remains phenomenal. The on-board cook, Chef Bina Thakur, does more than surprise you with her ever evolving culinary skills and ingenious dish presentation. Specialities such as butter garlic prawns in white wine sauce with baked poie (Goan bread), fish in mango sauce with basil, rock fish with shrimps wrapped in banana leaves and beef stir fry with mashed potatoes are some of the signature dishes that make your taste buds yelp with delight.

The trademark cocktail menu at Flor Do Mar features an ample collection of classic and seasonal drinks that are made from the freshest fruits and wide range of exclusive alcohol brands.

Providing the option to book one of its decks for private or birthday parties, Flor Do Mar also hosts entertainment such as live bands or DJ’s making it an absolute Shangri-la for celebration.

Frequented mostly by businessmen and members of high society social circles, dining at Flor Do Mar is a lavish affair with the average cost for 2 amounting to Rs. 2500/- making it extremely pricey. Overlooking this, the excellent conceptualization in its architectural design, outstanding service, quality cuisine and laid back comfort offered at Flor do Mar makes it a cuisine frontier worthy of a once in a lifetime experience.