Goa Airport

Goa has one Airport at the moment, situated at Dabolim in the South of Goa. There have been constant struggles to open up another at Mopa in the North. Goa Airport at Dabolim welcomes national and international flights from different corners of the world.

Dabolim is Located in South Goa

Dabolim Airport is an international airport located in the village of Dabolim, near Vasco da Gama in South Goa. It is located roughly 30 kms from the capital of Goa, Panjim. Closer than the capital of Goa, Panaji, is Goa’s cultural and commercial capital, Margao, about 20 kms away.

Dabolim Airport has Two Terminals

Terminal 1

Terminal one is used by domestic airplanes, planes coming to the state from within the country. Connected to 6 cities of India, Goa gets its planes from Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata,  Delhi, and Chennai.

Terminal 2

This is the other part of Dabolim, international flights usually arrive here and the numbers have been increasing over the years.

The Indian Navy has a Base at the Goa Airport

The Indian navy has a base that is connected with the Dabolim Airport. This base houses a few of their planes like the MiG-29KUB and the carrier version of the MIG-29Ks. Further more the base also has a few anti submarine helicopters, the TU-142M and a few more. The Indian Navy uses this base to conduct a few drills and exercises.

Sometimes they work with and help out the Indian Coast Guard which has a small fleet of small aircrafts. There is also a museum near the Dabolim airport operated by the Indian Navy.

Chartered Flights at the Goa Airport

As Goa’s reputation as a tourist destination increases Goa keeps seeing an increase in the number of chartered flights entering the state. On an average Goa receives more chartered flights every year as compared to the previous year. Most of these arrive from countries like Sweden, the United Kingdom, Finland, Kazakhstan and others. The year 2013 will see an increase in flights from Egypt due to the drop in the rupee. The current Indian economic system has made Goa the ideal place for a holiday or a getaway from daily routine.