Goa During July: The Monsoon Madness is here

Goa in July is right in the middle of the monsoon season. There is a tings of romance in the rains, particularly when you are in the seaside, and more so when you are in Goa! 😉 July is the right time to be in Goa to see the unseen side of Goa. Lush greenery, gushing waterfalls, scenic ride along the hill-side areas – You can’t enjoy all these to its fullest during the peak season otherwise. Now is the time and here’s what you need to know about the sunshine state during monsoons.

Weather Conditions in Goa During July

The monsoon usually hits Goa in early June, so by July it is raining heavily. In fact, July can be called as the wettest month in Goa. It rains almost everyday and sometimes it can be for several hours at a stretch. The humidity and precipitation is higher, the wind speed has picked up and hence the sea can be rough too. So beware and do not venture into the water bodies during times of high current; especially waterfalls. And let your umbrella or rain coat be your best friend for July as you might have to roam with them literally everywhere.

Beaches during Goa monsoons

Credits: Sandra D

Advantages of tripping to Goa in July

The inflow of tourists is always inversely proportionate to the monsoons. The more the rains are, the lesser the tourists you can spot on the beaches and in hotels. With few people around, Goa will be much cleaner too during this time. Another perk about travelling to Goa this month is the falling prices. If you’re too scared about the aftermath of GST and think your Goa trip to go beyond your budget during peak season, plan a trip now. Most of the hotel room prices, transportation, cost of renting car/bike, food will all be cheaper due to off season. So, you can make up for what you were going to lose with the implementation of GST. Even flight tickets will be a bit cheaper than usual right now.

Chorla Ghats in Goa during Monsoons

Credits: Pawan Anvekar

Must-Do Things to do in Goa during July

The month of July can be as exciting as any other month in Goa. Why? Because it’s Goa, duh! 😛 No kidding, even you will agree to us after looking at the hot & happening things in Goa during July listed below.

Witness Europe in Goa at the European Union Film Festival 2017, Goa

In its 22nd edition this year, the European Union Film Festival features a bouquet of Award winning films from 22 different European countries. The festival premieres in Goa on 1st July, 2017 and will screen movies from varied genres ranging from comedy to gripping family drama, romance and adventure. All the screenings will be held at the Maquinez Palace, Panjim. With some great movies on perennial themes, it will be nothing less than a visual treat for all cine buffs in Goa. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity. To know more about the screenings & schedule, visit esg.co.in

The European Union Film Festival 2017, Goa

Go for a Trek with Goa Tourism

Enjoy a picturesque trek along the Nagzar Plateau in Pernem along with your fellow adrenaline junkies. GTDC will be organising this monsoon trekking expedition on 2nd of July. You can enjoy the scenic beauty surrounded with hills in different shades of pink, white, purple, yellow and green. This trek will be quite interesting as you will find a number of wild flowers and streams gleaming in its true beauty.

The Lush greenery during monsoons in Goa

Credits: Shubhaangi Thakur

Attend Touxeachem fest – The Cucumber Festival of Goa

To really experience the culture of Goa, you should visit a church feast at least once. One such feast that is extremely popular is the Touxeachem feast at the Santana Church, Talaulim on the 30th of July every year. Also known as the ‘Cucumber feast’, this feast has an unusual tradition of offering cucumbers to St Anne in return for a favour. The reason behind offering cucumbers out of everything is because it is available in plenty during this season. Another fascinating feature of this feast is the fairly large number of Hindu devotees who come to celebrate the feast and pay their respects to St Anne.

The Touxeachem Feast of Telaulim, Goa

Credits: Thrilling Travel

Vendors selling cucumbers at the Touxeachem Feast of Telaulim, Goa

Credits: Navhind Times

Get muddy at the Chikal kalo Festival in Marcel, Goa

In Marcel, a small town in the Ponda district, the constant downpour in Goa during July is the perfect recipe for the enactment of a traditional ritual – chikal kalo. In other words, it is called as the mud fest too. To the beats of drums and bells, and chanting “jai hari Vithal”, the Goan men enter the mucky ground where a variety of games are played, all ensuring a thorough mud bath. This festival is a must-see in Goa during monsoons. Despite being a Hindu festival, it is celebrated by all the Mashelkars regardless of religion and castes.

The mud festival - Chikal Kalo in Goa

Credits: Sandra D

Chikal Kalo festival in Goa

Credits: Sahil Naik

Rediscover Creativity at The Art of Portraiture Workshop

In the 21st century, with the rising onslaught of social media and the ubiquitous ‘selfie’ the oldest form of recoding a face and body language, the portrait, becomes even more important. Gallery Gitanjali in Panjim is organised a 2-weekend workshop on portraiture which will help you learn how to photograph powerful self portraits and portrait pictures of others using novel yet effective techniques. Attend this workshop from July 15th to 23rd and enhance your powers of observation and awareness, while augmenting your aesthetic eye.

THE ART OF PORTRAITURE WORKSHOP at Gallery Gitanjali, Panjim, Goa

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