How to get the most out of Goa during March 2017

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Before we go ahead and tell you everything hot and happening in Goa during March, be assured that Goa is an excellent place for holidaying irrespective of its seasons. If your plans of travelling to Goa haven’t materialised yet, now is the time to do it. Better late than never, as they say 😉

With that being said, here’s what the ever so beautiful state of Goa has got to offer you during March

Goa’s Weather Conditions in March

Days continue to get warmer in Goa after the so-called winters during January and February. The usual weather of sultry days and foggy nights prevail during March as well. It gets pretty hot by noon to take a casual stroll outside on the beach or the roads. But other than that March’s climate is well suited to explore the beautiful landscapes that Goa has to offer you. It can be one of the driest months of the year for Goa. So it is better to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Tourism in Goa during March 

March is not the peak season in Goa but it is not the off season either. There are lesser tourists when compared to months before. Vacationers who have the urge to spend some leisure moments away from the hustle and bustle must spend their March holidaying in Goa. Although there might be  a few enthusiasts travelling to Goa from different parts of India, specially from Maharashtra and Karnataka, to spectate and participate in Goa Shigmotsav 2017.

Things you should do in Goa during March

Holi Parties in Goa 

Holi is the first thing which everyone looks forward to during March. It is India’s very own festival of colours. This wild and vibrant festival will be taking place on March 13th this year and Goa is already gearing up for it. So if you are heading to Goa in march, break away to any of these famous Holi Parties to dance to some crazy music along the shores and watch as Goa explodes in colours:

  1. Colorland Goa 2017 – Club Nyex, Anjuna
  2. Holi Tandav 2017 – Sea Lawns Destination One, Calangute
  3. Rang Barse 2017 – SAG Grounds, Fatorda  (Free Entry)
  4. Rang Barse: Festival of Colours – Sports Complex Grounds, Ponda (Free Entry)

March in goa-colorland goa 2017

Witness the colourful Shigmotsav 2017 in Goa this March

Shigmotsav in Goa is a grand 5-day celebrations welcoming the spring season in the state. Colourful traditional outfits, gigantic floats of hindu mythology characters and the unending cultural displays are some of the things that make this festival unique. This year, The Shigmo parades will begin from Ponda on March 25th. It will then follow to towns like Panjim, Margao, Vasco, Mapusa and Sanquelim among the others, till April 7. No matter which city you are in for Shigmo, make sure you reach there early to catch the locals troupes performing Goan folk dances like Mando, Modni, Fugdi etc.

March in goa-Shigmotsav 2017Photo: Instagram (@andreayeoms)

March in goa-Shigmotsav 2017(2)Photo: Instagram (@fotoyogi)

Taste the mango madness in Goa

The end of March marks the start of the Mango Season. Get the lingering scent of raw mangoes by passing through the local markets in Goa. With just a few weeks left as summer sets in, it’s that time when you see a whole lot of vendors selling raw mango and bhel along the sea shores. If you’re an ardent mango lover, Go and relive your childhood memories by hunting for some raw mangoes straight from the trees (Of course with the permission of property’s owner 😉 ) Combine it with some salt and paprika and enjoy it with your mates while watching the sunsets in Goa.

Attend Badshah’s Live Concert at Mapusa Grounds

Temperatures in Goa will soar higher with Yamaha’s Swag Bash hitting the streets of Mapusa on 4th and 5th of March, 2017. With the famous Bollywood Rapper Badshah performing live, other events like FMX stunt shows, Battles of the bands and dance face-offs add a lot more swag to the scene. You can attend the event for free by downloading the pass from here.

March in goa-Yamaha Swag Bash 2017 - Badshah live in concert

Ideal time to indulge in Watersports in Goa

March is one of the best months to go out on the beach and try some adrenaline-pumping watersports. The warm sea water (28-29°C), lower tides and not-so scorching weather gives you the perfect time to get tanned while enjoying the thrill of scuba diving, paragliding and the likes. You can opt for any of these sports at the famous beaches along the northern coastline of Goa.

March in goa-Watersports in goa

Photo: Instagram (@drshrutiarya)

Things you should not do in Goa during March

  • March being a good time to get tanned on the Goan beaches, don’t miss out on using a sunscreen all the time.
  • Don’t try to walk barefoot in the sand during the day, especially during the afternoons.
  • No matter which water sport you choose, never do it without the help of a good professional instructor.
  • Lesser inflow of tourists do not mean you book your transport and accommodation at the 11th hour. It is good to do advance bookings to enjoy some great discounts too.
  • Do not go an all out on beach shacks if you’re a person who’s intolerant to heat. Unless its an air-conditioned cottage, it’s better if you weigh out your other options as well.

It is advisable to carry some breezy summer clothes along with our standard list of Travel Essentials in Goa

Well that’s all for now, folks! Make sure you give yourself a dose of wanderlust by planning a trip to Goa in March. 

And of course, you know what to do next!

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