Goa in September

September is that time of the year when finally there is an equal contest between the sun and the rain in Goa which is known otherwise for extremities in climate. The lull in the rains makes it a perfect time to step out into pleasant bright weather and enjoy the sun-kissed beaches or seek solace in the temperate hinterlands of the state. The perfect time to explore that hidden gem you had on your go-to list but couldn’t all this while. So many things to do, so little time!

Let’s throw some light on why September in Goa is special.

Weather during September in Goa

The biggest decision one has to make this time of the year – Should I carry a jacket or not? Not carrying one entails the risk of getting caught in an unexpected burst of shower, while with carrying one, you will likely sweat more than you would in the summer. September witnesses the most unpredictable weather in Goa. So you should carry a jacket / umbrella.

As the days wane, the nights close in and the trees don their vibrant hues in September, a chill creeps into the air. Not the bite of chilling winters, but just a nip to let us know a new season is at hand. Nature is in its full glory – with hues of green all over. The usual grey of the concrete sidewalk is adorned with its transient beauty. YES! That is September in Goa!For a brief time your eyes will rise from the damp surroundings to the beauty above – the shafts of faltering light, hindered by soft-spun cloud. In no time, the silver lining is replaced by weak rays of the sallow sun creating splendid patterns in the sky above!

Speaking in English, expect helling downpours, instantly followed by humid heat. Rains don’t persist for more than a few hours as a general rule.

Tourism in Goa in September

With airlines and hotel deals slashed down, September is definitely the preferred month for tourists planning to visit Goa. Also, it’s one last chance for travellers seeking solace to head to Goa before the season begins in October. That time of the year where new restaurants choose to give you a sneak-peek just before their official openings in October – perfect time to rent that Harley Davidson or that SUV you always had on your mind.It also becomes a perfect location for weekend getaways for students and IT professionals working in the nearby cities like Pune, Mumbai, Mangalore or Bangalore.
With near-optimum traffic levels on the Goan roads, this could be the perfect time to rent vehicles hassle-free. But always keep your wits around you and wear a helmet.

6 Things to Do in Goa in September

1. Brunch with a view
September is a pleasant month – with occasional lashes of rain and the temperatures rather cool. You can spend hours at the beach without having to worry about getting baked in the sun. The beach shacks are closed, but most of the beach-side restaurants such as Antares, La Brise and Brittos are open during this month. So you sure can indulge in some brunching with a view.

2. Spend time at the beaches(or in your room)
Since the rains are subsiding, the sea is getting calmer. Even though it isn’t a wise choice to go swimming, you can still visit the Goan beaches in September. The water sports activities are shut and the beaches are way cleaner. So it’s the best time to get some perfect photographs at the beach. Receded shorelines are a thing of the past. Perfect time to visit that hidden gem beach that was all but submerged in the rains.

Hotels remain considerably cheaper until the end of September. The tariffs are similar to the monsoon offers. So you get to book some cool places at reasonable prices. Some of the beach guest houses are shut during September. But the good news is, you can get a decent hotel/resort along the coastal belt for almost the same price in September. Sounds like a deal?

3. Revel in the local festivities
September is an amazing time for sightseeing in Goa. A stroll through the local streets and more often than not you’ll encounter folks dancing and making merry. You could join in the Ganesh Chaturthi festivities by visiting the temples throughout the state and by sampling some of the finest savory preparations such as neureo, ladoos and so many more. There are community celebrations held at public places like markets, police stations and so on. While some businesses are shut during a day or two during the festive season, coastal areas are always buzzing.
September also gives you the perfect excuse to visit Divar Island and take part in the Bonderam festivities, celebrated in Divar on the fourth Saturday of August during the monsoon with great fanfare and attended by thousands of tourists and locals. It has a similar feel to the Carnival, held in February.

You can just take a walk down the magnificent colonial lanes of the Fontainhas or visit the brilliant religious architectural structures like the churches in Old Goa and Temple in Tambdi Surla or the crumbling forts constructed during the pre-liberation era. You can also head to some offbeat locations such as Arambol lake, Salaulim Dam, Rivona springs,etc as this would be the safest period in the rains to trek your way through.

4. Trekking through the Western Ghats
If you are an adventure seeker, September is the right time for you. Even though water sports activities aren’t on during the season, September is an ideal time for trekking through the magnificent Western Ghats along the Karnataka border. Also, it’s the perfect time to go on waterfall treks like Dudhsagar, Arvalem, Netravali, Pali, etc. Goa is also home to a huge number of retreat centres offering yoga classes in the hinterlands. Perfect time to de-stress and soak up the weather.

5. Party
If you aren’t an adventure seeker and are heading to Goa to just relax and unwind – worry not. You can just relax at the beach and come night, you can head to one of the parties at Goa’s most happening nightclubs along the Coastal region. Worry not; there is no off-season for parties in Goa! Pick a beach in north-Goa, and chances are you’ll encounter a happening place.

6. Indulge in seafood
This is the best time to eat the best of seafood in Goa. Fishing activities are curbed during the monsoons and commence only during mid-August. So rest assured, your catch will definitely be fresh and tasty. With sea-food in abundance, the prices experience a slight lull just before the mega-increase in October, where the demand peaks sharply with the opening of new restaurants and plateaus thereon till March.

What are you doing this September? Let us know in comments below.Need tips on what do,where? Comment. Have a secret that you want to share? Tell us, we know how not to keep a secret. Stay subscribed to know more about the happening events in Goa this upcoming season.


Featured Image: Antares