Goa International Jazz Live Festival – Reinventing the Groove

Gone are the days when Jazz was meant for the reclusively enlightened and musically polished. No more are complex melodies and grooves bouncing off the dimly lit basement walls and enterprises exclusively found in alleyways. Jazz has finally caught up with the times and is once again proving to be a popular genre against all contemporary definitions of music. And with the Goa International Jazz Live Festival (GJLIF) in its third year around the sun, Goa is undoubtedly helping spread ‘the Jazz’ around.

The Past, The Present and all that Jazz

This year, GJLIF is delivering straight to your musical doorstep a bit of the new, a bit of the old and a whole lot of mixing those two up. This blend of funky finger tapping rhythms mixed in with psychedelic cadences,pulsating electro feels wrapped around oriental and afro beats and not to forget the enjoyable complexity of the music itself, promises to provide music lovers all around, an assured audible treat.

Mentionable acts to grace the stage are the Australian based Alex Stuart Quartet with their post rock/balkan influences, Jeff Herr Corporation hailing in from Luxemburg along with their trademark jazz improvisational art form, Khamira and their own brand of jazz folk fusion, these acts are just a few of the 11 bands and 50+ artists to help bend time and space at whim, over this 3 day spread.

And what’s music without a little visual scenic delight! The Venue this year is to be held in Goa’s spectacular Stone Water Eco Resort in Bogmalo. Those familiar with this location can attest to its visual spectacle and you can definitely expect that with the smooth jazz coming off the speakers, the trees gently swaying to the rhythm while your eyes dazzle up to the sun setting off in the distance, that this is one to definitely stir your senses.

This truly amazing experience is made possible with the combined efforts of The Art Escape Live Music Project, Gatecrash and Jazz. The founders Vinesh, Darryl (Art Escape – Live Music Project) & Emmanuelle de Decker (Jazz in India, Gatecrash) have based their reasons for going all out on this, in the hope of exposing Goa to fresh sounds, spreading peace and happiness through a collective experience and sharing in the philosophy that music has no boundaries.

So feeling like getting lost in a little bit of rhythm? Then get your hands on some tickets now! These are availabe online at: https://insider.in/event/goa-international-jazz-live-festival-gijlf-2015 and in select locations around.

Prices for a single day are Rs 750/- and Festival Pass (3Days) Rs.2000/-

For more information do check out their website: http://www.thelivemusicproject.com/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1492856811009475/

For a little taste of all good things to come, watch their promo:



Enigmatic music.

A wonderful backdrop.

The company of like minded individuals

What more could you ask for?

See you there.