Goa Railway Stations

It has been more than two decades since railways have been introduced in Goa and today there are six Goa Railway Stations all over the state. Hundreds of tourists enter and exit the state through Goa’s Railway Stations everyday not even realizing they’re using one of India’s most used means of transportation.

If considered on an average the railways are the cheapest form of transportation in and around Goa.

The major Railways Stations in Goa are

  • Tivim Staton

  • Margao Station

Other Train Stations in Goa are

  • Pernem Station

  • Dudhsagar Station

  • Vasco Station

  • Carambolim Station.

Beginning of Trains in Goa

Railways were first introduced in India by the British and used to transport raw materials to their factories, later they were used to send large platoons of soldiers to areas where there were fights and disturbances caused by the locals.

Trains Were a Gift to Goa from India

Much after India’s independence of the British and after Goa’s independence of the Portuguese, India connected their rail lines to Goa in 1987, if memory serves the first train in Goa was the Goa Express that was later followed by the Konkan Railway, which like all technology, brought a lot of good and bad qualities with it.

Railways like air planes are very unreliable but only when it comes to timing, which makes you wonder if they even own a watch; otherwise they do the job of getting you from one place to another. Sometimes you could end up waiting for hours for the train at the station so it is well known here, if the train is supposed to arrive at a particular time, leave half an hour later to reach the Train Station on time.

Trains in Goa Aren’t very Efficient

People who have seen the world will complain that trains here are rather backward in terms of speed, quality and the way the entire system works, it’s a very inefficient system and that too isn’t properly developed in many parts of the country.

Some parts of the country like Bombay have a very intricate system of Rails and here trains help people get to work and back, in the state of Goa, it isn’t so, people rarely use trains in the state and prefer to use them only when getting out of the state or while arriving here. Trains in Goa aren’t very efficient and are and are usually used to transport goods or iron ore.

Few Details About Konkan Railway

It was called the Konkan Railway because it used to travel along the Konkan Coast of India, the states it covers are Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.

The train is the fastest we have received so far not to forget the only one we have received so far and travels a distance of approx 741 kms.