Goa University

Other than being a tourist destination, Goa is also revered for its high levels of education availability, with Goa University at the center, controlling and coordinating all academic activities in Goa. Situated on the Taleigao Plateau, with a scenic view of the Bambolim beach, The Goa University campus spans over a very large area covering nearly the whole of the plateau with different blocks in different locations on the plateau.

Goa University has thirteen teaching departments and seventeen affiliated colleges. It provides postgraduate courses and Phd courses as well with twenty four postgraduate departments spanned over three centers on its campus.

History of Goa University

In 1985, Goa University was registered under the Goa University Act of 1984 and began functioning on the 1st of June 1985. In the beginning, the university was affiliated to the Mumbai University but later formed its individual body. The most intriguing fact about Goa University is that it ranks 17 in India among universities even though Goa is the smallest state in the Indian subcontinent. The Goa University roots can be traced back to 1966 with the setup of the then Bombay University in Goa.

Scope of Goa University

Having a variety of departments and facilities under this, the Goa University has a wide scope all over Goa and even across the Goan borders. The studies held in Goa University on marine environment have attracted the ministry of Earth Sciences and has acknowledged it as a major contributor in the field. The research done on the various kinds of flora and fauna have also gained nation-wide acclaim and helped the Agricultural Department in a great way.

Goa University Building and Structure

Goa University was built by graphic designer and architect Satish Gujral. The architecture is unique and stands out among the other Government undertakings, but poor maintenance is an issue. The Goa University structure was built to hold some of the most learned minds of the decade and so the structure aimed to achieve that. The Goa University campus houses a basketball court as well as football ground and have large free spaces between the various blocks.

Courses offered Under Goa University

Bachelors Degrees

Goa University offers a number of Bachelor courses in Science, Arts and Commerce. They also provide courses in social works, business management, education, computer applications and physical education. The Arts stream ranges from languages to psychology to philosophy, history, sociology, political science, geography, mathematics, mass communication, mass media and journalism. The science stream offers courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology, electronics, home science, computer science, botany, zoology, microbiology and biotechnology. The commerce department offers courses in shipping management, commerce and business studies. Various other bachelor degrees are also provided. Every year Goa University enroll approximately 24,000 students in their bachelor degree courses.

Postgraduate Degrees

A number of postgraduate courses are also provided, with the latest introduction of an MBA programme. The Postgraduate Department offers courses in Arts, Science, Commerce, Medicine, Engineering, Law, Management and Fine Arts. The postgraduate department witnesses a large number of about 1200 students enrolling in the university. The University boasts of a large number of facilities provided in the laboratories as well as classrooms across its campus. It also provides an M Phil course which is one of the newest editions to the scope of Goa University.

Ph.D Programmes

Goa University prides itself in it’s Phd department. Bringing together some of the most brilliant minds in the state of Goa. It plays host to a number of workshops and meetings, which attract some of the wisest minds in the world.

Other Courses

Beside the above mentioned courses, Goa University also provides a large number of courses which provide diplomas and other certificates. Courses are also held by the University during the summer or winter breaks to attract working people.

Programmes Offered by Goa University

A wide range of programmes have been started by Goa University to promote ideas and exchanged of knowledge from all over the country and also from all over the world. The student exchange programme invites students from various other countries to come to Goa University and complete their courses here and also allows Goans to travel abroad to complete their studies abroad.

Goa University also provides a distance learning course to students who wish to hold a certificate from the Goa University by allowing them to answer exams at various centers.

Visiting research professors programme is yet another of the programmes where a visiting professor is needed to interact with the students to exchange ideas and thoughts on various subject matters.

Facilities Provided by Goa University

Goa University provides some of the most advanced facilities any University in the country can offer. Providing excellent labs, library, accommodation and sports facilities.

Laboratories at Goa University

Computer and Internet facilities at the university are provided to students to help them in their projects and assignments. It is open throughout the day and is given to students holding an id card. Other laboratories in the department of science have some of the most advanced technologies in Indian academics. It also contains a Remote Sensing Lab which was granted by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation).

The Goa University Library

The library at Goa has a vast array of books, journals, papers and documents which are very well organised and labelled. The library also has its own website providing its users with ebooks and downloads of various kinds. It has an automated service which provides all the information of books in alphabetical order.

Housing a collection of about 145,000 books and 350 journals, the Goa University Library opens at 10am on weekdays and closes at 5pm. The speciality about this library is that it houses a collection of rare Indo-Portuguese literature on History and Culture.

Accommodations at Goa University

The large campus of the Goa University also contains a hostel for students and a guest house for visiting professors and staff. The hostels for both boys and girls are separate and the also the accommodation for the staff is at a different location on the campus.

Sports Facilities at Goa University

Every year, Goa University holds a series of gaming events between various colleges across Goa to promote the spirit of sportsmanship. It contains a basketball court and also a football ground. Cricket tournaments are also held on the football ground. It has a small sports complex which contains changing rooms and an office. Among the colleges in Goa, the university tournaments are the most looked forward to games.

Other Facilities at Goa University

Goa University also provides a number of helplines like the anti ragging and prevention of sexual harassment helplines. They also have a career guidance and placement cells. The University also contains an alumni association to deal with the various issues that may arise.

Over the past 3 decades, Goa University, since its establishment has kept growing and still is growing with the hopes of increasing its rank among the top universities in India and consequently in the world. The facilities and programmes offered by the Goa University is far superior to a number of other universities across India.

Study in Goa

A large number of students from all over the country as well as from all over the world come to Goa to study. Other than the Goa University, Goa has a number of schools and colleges affiliated to other universities. Schools like Sharda Mandir in Miramar are affiliated to the CBSE board in Delhi. The Ardee school situated in Sangolda is yet another private school for primary students delivering quality education among a large number of other private schools and colleges.

For foreign students coming to Goa specially for education, the Government of India provides an educational Visa which is valid up till the completion of the course in India. A provisional Visa can also be obtained in case more time is needed either prior to or after the completion of the course. The Goa University provides various amenities and services to foreign students travelling to Goa for education. Compared to a number of countries, Goa provides a relatively cheaper accommodation and living facilities.

Goa also has a number of professional courses and degrees for further education. GEC (Goa Engineering College) in Ponda and BITS Goa, provide a wide array of engineering courses. MBA courses are also available in Goa and are offered at GIM (Goa Institute of Management) in Ribandar. Other colleges that have MBA courses in Goa are NICMAR (National Institute of Construction Management and Research), MES college and SS Dempo College of Commerce and Economics are to name a few. Goa is also known for its Medical Education which is given at GMC (Goa Medical College) in Bambolim which also caters for research studies.