Goa Web Folks | Meetup Saturday May 17th

Nearly one year in and Startup Goa is back at it with their monthly Meetups

Bringing together techies, tech lovers, developers, designers, writers, entrepreneurs, webmasters and anyone else interested in a little technology talk.  Having kick started the event with the first meet up back in June of 2013 , it has since become a rather successful networking platform for people across Goa. Fueled by a shared interests of the web, as well as a common fondness for alcohol and a great time, the Goa Web Folks Meetup provides the perfect spot for people on the same wavelength to throw down ideas, discuss the latest developments in tech and of course poke fun at bad design logo’s. GM_GoaWebFolksMeetUp 03And what better place to get everyone together in than the stylish Maracas Restaurant. Found right at the central intersection in Porvorim, it’s not only easy to find coming in from either direction, north or south, but it boasts that chic laid back atmosphere young designer folk would be more than happy to pass their Saturday nights in.GM_GoaWebFolksMeetUp02GM_GoaWebFolksMeetUp04And for anyone who missed this month’s meetup, no need to panic or feel left. Rest assured there will be many more opportunities to present your flashy new business cards and dish on all the latest tech innovations. In fact they’re sure to be rounding up another one soon in celebration of Startup Goa’s one year anniversary.  Now that will be one you don’t want to miss.

So until then be sure to check out the Meetup page and make yourself a profile on the Goa Web Folks network to be kept up to date on all the happenings.  Here you’ll find out about any events going on, web related or not, as well as a huge number of networks across Goa and else where in India.