IFFI, the International Film Festival of India, organized in Goa is a collection of movies and events put up at different venues usually around E.S.G. Here many movies that didn’t make it to the big screen are screened along with other movies that are watched and criticized.

The event also included performances and dances, with guest appearances by various movie stars that make an appearance, sometimes to promote their movies and otherwise just to enjoy the show.

The International Film Festival of India Started in 1956

When IFFI began it was the most significant film festivals in the whole of Asia. IFFI is an annual event happening in different states every year but since 2004 it was hosted by Goa and ever since large hordes of tourists make their way to Goa every year to celebrate IFFI Goa during the last week of November.

IFFI Screens Several Good Films That Didn’t Make It To The Big Screen along with Others

Hundreds of movies are created every year and most of them don’t end up in theatres as they weren’t made in Hollywood or Bollywood. There are many movie production houses all over the world but very few of them get global recognition. Most of these movies are made in their local language. IFFI gives these houses a chance to showcase their talent and movies so that they can be enjoyed on the same scale as larger movies.

IFFI Usually Sees Many Celebrities And VIPs

The lineup of celebrities attending IFFI is endless, from movies stars that show up to promote one of their movies to politicians or owners of really large businesses, they all make an appearance here.

IFFI 2013

IFFI Goa 2013 is supposed to feature some Northeastern films ie. films from the Northeastern States of India and they were considering having a special segment that will feature films that have a certain Goan element to them.

Hotels and Rooms around IFFI Goa 2013

IFFI Goa will take place at the Entertainment Society of Goa (E.S.G.) as it previously has.  E.S.G. is located in the capital of Goa, Panjim so accommodation shouldn’t be a problem.

Alternatively, you can also find rooms, villas and guesthouses through the GoaRooms.in website that lists rooms, villas and guesthouses in the area for holiday rentals.

These are the places you should check out while attending IFFI Goa



Distance from IFFI Goa


Grand Hyatt


20-30 min drive

Cidade de Goa Vainguinim 15 min drive

Marriott Resort and Spa


10 mins drive

Vivanta by Taj


5 min drive

Hotel Miramar


10 min drive

Hotel Fidalgo


5 min drive

Hotel Park Plaza


10 min drive

IFFI is conducted by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

At a national level the International Film Festival of India is conducted by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and at a state level is conducted by the Government of that particular state.

Many individual companies in the state help sponsor the event, many even cross state lines to sponsor the event in other states so that their brands gets recognition. Students usually intern at IFFI using it as an opportunity to experience working at a fun event.

The Entertainment Society of Goa ( ESG ) happily opens their premises so that the film Festival can take place there. India’s smallest state has finally managed to get global recognition for something other than tourism.

The Schedule of IFFI 2013

Every year at the International Film festival of India they screen a large number of movies and fans of these movies come from far and wide to watch them. Many of these films haven’t even been heard of and others are very popular.

Here is a link to view the schedule of IFFI 2013