Inox Goa

Inox Goa is a multiplex, part of a much larger multiplex franchise operating all over India. They screen a majority of the Hollywood and Bollywood releases in major cities of India. In many states of India the Inox franchise has opened up many branches.

Inox Goa has four theatres in the same building making it the largest multiplex in Goa and a rather modern one after introducing the screening of 3D movies.

What Happens At Inox

Inox Goa is a magical place where childrens imaginations can run wild and adults can enjoy a break from their routine lives. Many different food franchises managed to get permission to open stalls inside the Inox Goa building.

They are known for screening movies for all different age groups from animated movies for the little ones to R rated movies for adults, everybody gets a share of the fun.

The Wonder Around Inox Goa

If you look at the Inox Goa building, you’ll immediately get a futuristic vibe from it. It looks very modern and managed to get many movies filmed around it. Every year there are many festivals organized in the Inox Goa courtyard.

Some of the prominent events are The Grape Escapade, Rajasthani Folk Dance & Song along with many others.

In theory, Inox is the largest multiplex here and the only other multiplex in Goa is Osia that has just two theatres. The Entertainment Society of Goa has opened up a building in front of Inox Goa and has many events there and sometimes manage to connect these events to Inox.

Overall, Inox gets a great response from the Goan population, safe to say better than most other theatres here. Rumour has it, the franchise is planning to expand and open a few more branches in the tiny state of Goa.