Jumping into June

While most people may agree that there isn’t much to do during the monsoons, we beg to differ specially since the monsoons are one of the best times to catch Goa in all its beauty and glory. There might not be much roaming around to do since it will most certainly be raining ‘cats and dogs’ but this month sure has its fair share of fun and frolic.

Be a witness to one of the most lavishly celebrated festivals in Goa; Sao Joao, the feast of St. John the Baptist that will have men leaping into wells, making merry and dancing to the melodious tunes of Goan folk songs. So if you’ve ever wanted to do sometimg crazy like jump in a well then be sure to book your trip in the week of the 24th of June. And don’t forget to ask for a glass of ‘feni’ to get you in the mood while feasting on an array of seasonal Goan fruits. And for yet another authentic Goan experience, be sure to catch the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, also known as ‘Sangodd’, on the 29th. Here you’ll find members of the local fishing communities sailing up river on make shift rafts and dancing to popular tunes of Dulpods.

Now the monsoons are also all about bonding with nature, new life and capturing the essence of Goan beauty. So instead of sitting in fiddling your thumbs and cursing the rain for playing spoilsport, we suggest you get yourself a pair of trekking boots and head on out. A trip to the mighty Dudhsagar Falls, one of India’s most magnificent waterfalls will have you experiencing the raw beauty, lush green cover and majestic mountains of the Konkan.

This is probably the perfect time to plans your visits to all the hyped up destinations in Goa for the simple reason that they won’t be crowded. Afterall, who wants to spend a day at a beach crammed with people on a scorching hot summer day? Besides it wouldn’t hurt to go a li’l crazy, let your hair down and get drenched in a shower or two.

After freshening up, spend the remaining portion of your day comfortably tucked in a cozy cafe with a book and hot cup of ‘Chai’.  Keep yourself warm as the thunder rumbles and the rain pours down from above while planning your next evening meal. However a heads up for all the crazy seafood lovers out there, don’t expect fresh fish in the next two months on account of the fishing ban. Fear not for there are still a lot of other mouth watering dishes to look forward to off season.

A list of which we’ll be putting together as we sit down throughout the coming months with many of the local businesses that choose to stick it out in the rains. Giving you an in depth look at all the spots worth checking out while planning your next visit. So pack your bags and head out to see Goa in its prime, just don’t forget an umbrella.

Feature photo credited to french photographer Claude Renault | Article written by Deborah Pereira