Meherunissa | Candolim

So a Goan, Indian and Californian walk into a bar right? Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke doesn’t it. Well let’s just say the punchline ends with something a little more spectacular than expected.
Meherunissa is the outcome of a collaborative process between a family of Goan, Californian and Dubai based, mostly non-bourgeoisie intellectuals with backgrounds in architects, designers, writers, film makers, branding and wellness professionals.
Designed by The Native Bohemians, a couple situated on Dubai’s ever shifting sand with a  a passion for design, branding and healthy living, in collusion with a Goan writer and film director, this space is a dream project that has been in the works for a while. Yet through equal servings of kinship and day dreaming, this venture has finally launched and is now open for a grand public spectacle.
These three partners are really excited to share with international travelers their life experiences living around the globe, with their passion for art, design, interiors, music and film all gleefully thrown into a melting pot of culture and metier! This bohemian space that has been so tastefully created is their way of sharing their passions and most importantly love and peace. ‘We will strive to make our guests feel like guests are meant to feel and share our knowledge of Goa to make your stay in our home and in this susegado land, as pleasurable as it can be’ is what Arsalan Al Hashimi had to say when asked about the underlying goal of this business.
And for connoisseurs of a more ‘delectable’ nature, the residence also houses food genius Chef Daraius (and the crowd goes while) and with him comes his tantalizing assortments of belly fillers.  More on that later!