Monsoon Fun Park at Resorte Marinha Dourada | Arpora

The biggest splash this summer and it’s all going down at The Monsoon Fun Park at Resorte Marinha Dourada, Arpora Goa. With it’s super exciting, full filled inflatable water park to keep you cool this summer. The Monsoon Fun Park is the first of its kind set up by Monsoon Open Water Park Pvt Ltd, a company  incorporated in Goa. It also happens to be the first in India and at what better place than Goa?.
GM Monsoon Fun Park Image 2

The Inflatable sports park is all about bringing out the child in you, so if you are aged between 6 and 60, grab your pair of trunks and come be part of the grind. The Monsoon Fun Park offers a wide variety of activities to help you make the most of the time you spend there. The entire course  is nothing but fun with slides and slips and splashes and dips. A great getaway for kids and also a fun form of fitness for those working on their figure, it provides fun for everyone.

All the inflatable sections of the park are put together like lego to form a challenging course and fun at a whole new level. The park is made up of various segments that will make you jump, climb, balance and swim with obstacles that include a cliff, wobble bridge, high jump, hurdle, slide and pond. All this under the supervision of a well-trained life guard so you can have fun without worrying about anything.

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This fun filled idea is a result of brains put to work by German company, Wibit Sports GmbH, founded in 1996 and have also been credited with this invention that provides recreation for over 60 countries. The company has kept all its safety standards in mind and is certified by German TÜV who ensures the safety standards of the European norm are fulfilled. All the materials that go into making all the sections of the park follow the most stringent environment protection standards worldwide. All products emit zero pollution as there is no fuel involved and also do not require constant inflation which saves on energy as well. Lastly, since the park covers only 25% of the lake, it does not pose a threat to any marine life.

With a view of providing a breakthrough from your busy schedule, the Swedish-born CEO and Founder Åke Halvdansson aims to offer quality time to visitors of the park so that they have more fun and better social interaction with friends and family. The park is also said to entertain a lot of tourists beating the heat this summer.

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So what are you waiting for? Grab your trunks and head to The Monsoon Fun Park for a day filled with fun and splash.