Monsoon Mashup

When it rains, it pours and judging from last night’s storm and todays on and off again showers, it looks to us like the season has begun.

So what better way to welcome this month than with a little round up of our favourite photos capturing Goa’s monsoons at their very best. And while you may find these images distressing and not at all depicting the sweet sunshine state you all known and love, just remember that its in fact in the rains  that Goa’s true colors come out to play. More on which you’ll find here as we go jumping into June. All photo credits can be found listed accordingly bellow. GM_Monsoon Mashup photo Vir NakalGM_Monsoon Mashup photo by Jo NoirGM_Monsoon Mashup photo by Anoop Negi copyGM_Monsoon Mashup photo by www.amoran.comGM_Monsoon Mashup photo by Neelima VallangiGM_Monsoon Mashup photo by Vir NakaiGM_Monsoon Mashup photo by FREDERIC SOLTAN:SYGMA:CORBISGM_Monsoon Mashup photo by www.thehindubusinessline.comGM_Monsoon Mashup photo by Michael WarfordGM_Monsoon Mashup photo by Nishan Thjois

1. Two men try to cross a monsoon swollen river after the bridge was swept away by Steve Mccurry | 2. Goa in June by Vir Nakai  | 3. Morning in Siolim by Jo Noir | 4. Monsoons in Goa by Anoop Negi | 5. Photo via Amoram | 6. Goa Monsoons by Neelima Vallangi | 7. Riding in the rain on the tour of NH17 by Vir Nakai | 8. A Wet Week in Goa by FREDERIC SOLTAN/SYGMA/CORBIS via | 9. A trekker on a monsoon trekking expedition at a waterfall in Sattari village in Goa via | 10. Girl during monsoon by Michael Warford | 11. Monsoon photo by Nishan Thjois