Nullcon International Security Conference

Nullcon has been organized in Goa since 2010 and is now one of the largest international security events in the Asian subcontinent in terms of new research content & participants. The objective of the conference is to discuss and showcase the future of information security, next-generation of offensive and defensive security technology, zero vulnerabilities and unknown threats.

With the motto, “The neXt security thing” they organize a four day event, wherein the first two days are dedicated to advanced security training provided by renowned security experts, followed by a two day conference which comprises of talks, CXO panel discussion, workshops, exhibition, hacking competitions and recreational activities.


+ Security Expo
+ Exclusive CXO Panel
+ Business Networking opportunity
+ Advance hands-on technical training
+ Job fair targeted for Security professionals
+ Cyber security challenge
+ Expert security talks


Nullcon Training:- 4th & 5th Feb 2015
Nullcon Conference:- 6th & 7th Feb 2015

Furthermore, they also have training events which aren’t connected to the general security trainings provided. Nullcon keeps focused on niche security trainings.


  1. Paul Vixie- Founding member of ICANN & ICANN Security
  2. Jennifer Steffens- CEO at IOActive
  3. Katie Moussouris- Chief Policy Officer at HackerOne

There will be some interesting people giving some very interesting talks this year. Some of these people include, James Forshaw, Security researcher at the google project zero, with his paper on the windows Sandbox Paradox. Attack and defence in radio and communication warfare will be spoken about by Akib Sayyed, Security Researcher at Payatu Technologies. Rahul Sassi from Citrix will be speaking on his paper, How I hijacked a drone.

The EMC Defenders League

The EMC Defenders League 2015 consists of an on-site capture the flag (CTF) event involving 30 participants selected after HackIM. The participants compete with each other in a game designed following the Red Team Blue Team model of network security. People lucky enough could win Rs. 500,000 in cash.