Palolem Beach

Palolem is a beautiful beach at the southernmost tip of Goa. Its clean white sands and being at stones throw away from ‘The Bat Islands’ makes this the must-visit beach for the ardent Goan tourists and explorers. A few miles off the coast there have been dolphin sightings and boat rides available at the shore can solve that particular mystery for you. The beach is around one mile long and has distinctive tree covered rocks at one end with beach shacks going all the way to the other.

This beach is publicly referred to as the most beautiful beach in Goa which only adds to its popularity. The crescent shape of Palolem allows a person to view one end of the shore to the other which adds to its unique geographical aspect.

Places To Go In Palolem

Catigao Wildlife Sanctuary

Palolem in itself is a captivating beach that will keep you hypnotized for days at end. But while you’re at it, you can always go for a short drive and head to Catigao Wildlife Sanctuary. Drive north along the narrow yet beautiful coastline and it will lead you straight to Catigao Wildlife Sanctuary.

Cabo de Rama Fort

While you are out on a drive, head straight to Cabo de Rama Fort which is in close proximity to understand the cultural and historical significance of Goa. Legend says Cabo de Rama is where Lord Rama seeked refuge during his exile. In the recent past though, Cabo de Rama has traded hands between Hindus, Muslims, and Portuguese and has witnessed various battles fought for its position.

Things To Do In Palolem

Dolphin sighting is always a delight, and you can do just that, and more! Request the local fishermen and boat owners and they will gladly take you for some Dolphin sighting. You can also visit the Bat Island while you are at it and check out the infinite bats that have made Bat Island their home.

Finding a hotel or resort in a place like palolem may not always be easy. You may have to make do with a guest room in someone’s house to give you that home feeling. There are a few hotels but they will most likely be sold out during the tourist season. Try out hotels like The LaLit Golf and Spa Resort Goa, The Fern Gardenia Resort, The Tubki Resort, Seaview Resort, Seabeach Residency.

Palolem has shacks like Crunch, Cafe Inn, Magic Italy lined up on the shore, meaning you can always relax and unwind while viewing the crescent beach. Palolem does not have many clubs and pubs for partying, but that’s not why you come here anyway. Enjoy the sunset and the smiles at Palolem, for you shall get to witness them time and again!

How To Get To Palolem

Palolem Beach is located about 40 minutes from Margao, the district headquarters. Other neighbouring beaches in South Goa include Agonda Beach and Cola Beach.

To get to Palolem follow National Highway 17 to get to the Canacona Railway Station junction, at this junction take a right. Follow this road and take the next left. About 300 mts later take the next right and keep following this road until you reach the beach. Palolem is 90 minutes away from the capital of Panjim.

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