PhotoFlare 2014

PhotoFlare, Goa’s favorite international photography festival is right around the corner. Organized by Goa Engineering College‚Äôs Photography Club, this year’s edition is aimed at photographers photography enthusiasts, and anyone interested in learning photography.

PhotoFlare is Divided into Two Events

1) A Photography Competition

Participants will have to submit their entries online, via the PhotoFlare website.

Top prizes worth Rs. 30,000 are up for grabs this year.
The themes for this year’s online competition are Contrast, Broken, Professions and Self-Portraits.
Note : Self Portraits should not be confused with Selfies. Self portrait photography is an emerging theme to test photography, artistic skill, and creativity. Unlike the other themes, Contrast, Professional and Broken, this is the only one allowing intensive editing using editing software and programs.

For further information and details please visit
Participants can submit 1 photo per theme before the deadline.

For rules and other information, please visit

For simple online submission please visit

2) A Two Day Exhibition

From the 27th and 28th of September showcase your top 20 photographs per theme. The exhibition will be held at Central Library ( Sanskruti Bhvan), Panjim. Entry to the event is free and open to people of all ages; students, professionals and art lovers. In addition to the exhibition, there will be free workshops ,expert talks, and a photowalk, open to all.

There will be surprises and smaller competitions over the 2 day event with lots of exciting prizes.

So keen photographer or not, if you are ready to learn something new, meet exciting people and win exciting prizes; save the dates and come on over!