Dating back to 2009, ‘PhotoFlare’ was started to encourage the photo enthusiast, not only in Goa but around the world. Started by the Photography Club of Goa College of Engineering (GEC) in 2010, with a simple objective, ‘To organize an international event that would bring together, the best of international photography through various workshops, lectures and a competition’. They also hoped to give exposure to the photography club and hence started ‘Photoflare’.

The graphics team of the club formed the brochure and a site to match, thus starting the event on a large scale. The news was passed through word of mouth and using a number of channels. Sponsors were called upon and the international event started on the way.

The event was designed in such a way that all the information along with the submission of entries would all have to be done through the website. It was a fascinating to see the way things fell into place. There were a number of bugs and errors that needed to be rectified, but ultimately, it was a huge success.

The event not only caters for the competition but also for the two day event which follows the prize distribution ceremony. The event includes workshops along with a number of talks and activities. A photowalk is also organised, in which participants go on a walk and click a number of pictures usually with a renowned photographer.

The focal point of the event is the competition which is open to all irrespective of age, sex, ethnicity or culture. It pans across the globe calling on photographers from all over to submit entries and to participate in the event. Usually the competition has four themes and allows participants to upload two photos in each category, allowing them to upload up to eight pictures.

A large amount of publicity is done through sponsors like FM radio, TV or print media. The prizes are also sponsored by a number of companies. Attracting a large number of individuals to this event, PhotoFlare helps to set a strong base for photography in Goa. A number of professionals from the field are called to share their wisdom during this event.

Over the past three years, PhotoFlare has grown and continues to grow across the continents. The GEC Photography Club is vibrant and organizes this event with a lot of enthusiasm. The real benefit about this event is that it does not cost a pie for the participants to participate in the event. The founders and organizers hope that it will always remain this way and grow on a global level.

This year, PhotoFlare 2013 will be held on the 12th and 13th of October.