Pubs in Goa

Notorious for its low priced and easy availability of alcoholic drinks, visitors to Goa are spoiled for choice by the diversity of pubs in Goa. Right from low-end to high-end pubs, tourists have the freedom to choose between the large variety of venues to sit, drink and have fun. To paraphrase an old saying; if you throw a stone in Goa, it will either hit a church or a bar!

Pubs in North Goa

North Goa is known to be more commercial and has the highest density of clubs, bars and pubs dotting the area. Here are some of the pubs that stand out more than the others:

Down The Road, Panaji

Among the various pubs in Goa, this riverfront bistro and Pub located in Panjim, has a free entry with various offers on drinks along with mouth-watering dishes. It has a Karaoke Night on Wednesdays and Ladies Night on Friday. The ground floor is more of a pub and the first floor is a restaurant (called Riverfront) which serves some pretty decent food for it’s price. DTR is situated in charming Fontainhas district of Panaji alongside a rivulet that feeds the Mandovi near the foot of the small patto bridge.

10 Downing Street, Candolim

A seasonal Pub, located in Candolim, TDS (Ten Downing Street) plays host to a number of tourists of all demographics. It offers a small dance floor with a number of mouth watering dishes. TDS is also well known for its bar which sells a number of amazing wines of different kinds.

Bubble Brunch, Chapora

Located on the bar street of Chapora, this pub offers a unique mix of Retro with a hint of modern comfort. The Retro disco balls that hang from the ceiling over the small dance floor, gives the area a feeling of being back in the 70s. Bubble Brunch has some of the best cocktails in that area and is an amazing place to just chill-out.

Geoffrey’s, Candolim

Known for it’s authenticity and unwavering standards, this pub located in Candolim has a number of loyal customers who make it a point to chill out here every time they come down to the state. What makes it so appealing is that it has a pleasant environment with soft music of the 70s and 80s playing in the background. This place is perfect to have a relaxing evening with drinks and Goan cuisine.

Friend’s Pub, Arambol

Open from the evenings at 5 in the evening till around 1 in the morning, this pub serves its guests with some of the best snacks and bites available in the state. This pub mixes creative cocktails and is a really good party venue. If you don’t want to have a meal but just drink, Friend’s Pub at Arambol, is the place to be.

Boomerang Bar, Calangute

Situated in the hotspot of Calangute, this is a pub that never sleeps. Open to visitors 24/7, this pub offers reasonable food but rather expensive drinks and also a pool table. Housed in Club City, Calangute, the ambiance of this pub is a bit tacky but relaxing.

Mango Tree Cafe, Vagator

This Cafe is well known especially for its breakfast varieties in the morning. In the evening turns into a pub serving exquisite foods and drinks. Located in Vagator, this cafe cum pub draws a number of foreign tourists as it serves good European cuisine.

Cape Town Cafe, Baga

Located just down Tito’s Lane is Cape Town, a commercial house music center with some of Goa’s most popular DJs playing every weekend. Entry is typically Rs.500 per couple and Rs.1000 for a single male. This nightclub cum pub has a restaurant that grills a good steaks and pizzas. The bar features all sorts of cocktail mixers. This is an ideal place if you are a football fan. The large screen in the pub area projects matches every night.

Ozone, Miramar / Panaji

Inside the Goa Marriott Resort is Ozone, a classy modern pub with a very artistic interior. It is a very relaxing and luxurious place serving amazing cocktails with a perfect sea view. Its located at Miramar so it isn’t very far from the city of Panaji. A bit expensive though and not usually very crowded.

Pine Shack, Calangute

Located at Calangute and Candolim, this Pub is one of its kind. This pub plays soothing music and provides its guests with beach beds to lie and order cocktails and foods. Its economical rates are what attracts a lot of customers. They also give you the privilege to sleep on the sand and order items and also have a live barbeque if you want. If you don’t want to go back to your place, you can just lie on the beach and sleep there till morning, no one will stop you.

Toff Toff’s, Baga

This pub in Baga is famous for it’s Quiz and Bingo nights which brings in a number of regular customers. It’s a neat place to hang out, relax and have some fun. It’s dance floor is also really unique with fancy lighting. Toff Toff’s is also famous for it’s draught beer, so when you are in Baga, don’t forget to visit this amazing place.

Pubs in South Goa

Being less commercial as compared to North Goa, the South has comparatively less number of pubs, but the few that it has is quite spectacular.

Neptune Point Restaurant and Bar, Palolem

Set on the shores of Palolem beach, this pub provides an excellent venue for dancing and partying through the night. The scene is just magical during the sunsets with the waves rolling in and the breeze blowing. There is a wide array cuisines to choose from throughout the day like Goan, Continental, Italian, Mexican, Israeli and Thai. This bamboo pub provides a unique feeling of being in tune with nature while sitting under the palm trees facing the sea

Outback Bar, Colva

Located in Colva, this pub offers an amazing bar, with some of the most experienced bartenders in the business. They have an awesome mix of cocktails and their DJs also mix the retro music to perfection here. You just get a lovely feel about the place with it’s warm ambiance.

The Gatsby Pub

One of the most happening places at night in the South, is the Gatsby Pub. They have a 24 hour cafe that serves only coffee and no other drinks. The pub serves a wide range of drinks and foods and got a good taste in music. This pub witnesses people partying all through the night.

Sunset Bar and Restaurant

Agonda is known for it’s beautiful beaches like the butterfly beach. Located to the left of this beach is a strategically located bar called the sunset bar which offers cuisines like Indian and Chinese and also pizzas and pastas with drinks. From this location you can get an amazing view of the beach.

Longuinhos Bar

This pub is located on Colva beach and serves continental, Indian, Chinese and Tandoori cuisines. However, they are well known for their home cooled Goan dishes and delicacies such as bebinca, xacuti and sorpotel which attracts a large number of tourists.

Smuggler’s Inn

Palolem is a home to a number of great pubs. Smuggler’s Inn is one of them. Owned by Britishers, this pub gives you the feeling that you are in a pub back in England. They also serve a number of traditional British dishes and are famous for their Christmas dinners and Shepherd’s Pie. This pub is a rather cozy place where you can relax and watch TV in a special room.