Ruta’s World Cafe | Mapusa

The Mapusa market has long fascinated locals and visitors. It is a labyrinth of shops, eateries and stalls that sell just about anything you need. But there is a hidden treasure in Mapusa that you may not be aware of – Ruta’s World Café. It is a place to enjoy freshly brewed coffee and maybe some mouthwatering banana bread. Once you visit this Café, you will make it your regular haunt!


Tantalizing Taste Buds

As the name suggests, Ruta’s World Café has a menu that serves fare from across the world. It offers a relaxed dining experience that makes you actually sit back and enjoy every bite of your food or snack.

Ruta’s is housed in a fascinating Portuguese mansion and shares its premises with Fabindia. But don’t let that put you off, as the moment you step inside, you’ll be greeted by style and panache.

The interiors are elegant yet welcoming, and the menu always a delight. Even the most fastidious and finicky eater will not be able to resist the enticing aroma wafting through the air.

The Host and Owner

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn the owner is named Ruta. She welcomes guests with a wide smile and knows the ins and outs of cooking. The menu is a testimony to this fact. She comes across as an interesting person and is always willing to sit a while with guests and talk about herself.

She has spent a lot of time traveling around India and learning about the different cuisines from different regions. And, she spends her time shuttling between Goa and San Francisco. We took the opportunity to grill her and she was more than happy to comply while we sipped a delicious and cooling lemongrass drink.

Q & A with Ruta

Why did you choose Goa to open your restaurant?

My husband’s family is from Goa and after all this place is paradise. I felt it was the perfect place to open a restaurant.

What is your favorite dish?

That’s a tough question to answer! Every dish is unique and ideal for a different occasion. I think I will go with stuffed eggplant!

Does Ruta’ World Café keep changing its menu?

Yes, the restaurant changes its menu quite often. In fact, when I first opened it, I used to change the menu everyday.


Where do you get the ingredients for the dishes?

We are a seasonal restaurant and as much as possible source all ingredients locally. Last year, I kept a kitchen garden and grew my own veggies and salads. I will give you simple examples.

Our cold noodle salad has Tambdi bhajji, which is the local term for red spinach, while the Thai vegetable curry is replete with Goan veggies.

I always go for seasonal and local ingredients and believe in change, as I get bored quite easily!

noodle salad.jpg

Do you change the dish to suit your customers’ requests?

We believe in adapting our dishes. I have lived in San Francisco where normal food meant eating Vietnamese or Greek food. I consider myself quite lucky and fortunate to have experienced this.

I can sit down and create a menu to highlight a cuisine from any part of the world. That is why the restaurant is called World Café.

I have found guests in Mapusa prefer vegetarian fare, while my restaurant in Margao has a great demand for beef and pork dishes.

Is Ruta’s a place for locals or travelers from far and wide?

When I opened up the Margao branch, I was dubbed foolish by many people. However, I believed Margao needed a Ruta’s more than any other beach town in Goa. I wanted to open a restaurant for the locals, so that they could try something new and enjoy it.

Ruta’s is unique because it is open throughout the year. It has managed to get quite a following and today, we get guests from Delhi, Pune and Bangalore. We also get many foreign guests.

When is the restaurant the busiest?

I think in Mapusa, the restaurant is busiest for lunch, while in Margao, it is during the evenings. Perhaps this has something to do with the Margao branch being open just till 7 pm.

Could you describe Ruta’s in just three words?

Good food always.

Mapusa – Anjuna Road

Open | Monday to Saturday | 8:30am – 7pm

Location | House #460, Tembar, Assagao. On the Mapusa – Anjuna road, across the street from Happy Bar.

Contact | +91 838 002 5757


Open | Monday to Saturday | 10am – 7pm

Location |  House #85, Fr Miranda Rd, Near Hospicio Hospital.

Contact | +91 0832-2710757