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Stuck in cold, grey and chaotic London, I wondered if my yoga practice was the only way out of the big city. Working in a busy PR role, I sought the freedom and refuge that I found on my yoga mat. I also terribly missed the sun and nature. And so, after a few sleepless nights, and a lot of internet research I took a plunge and signed up for a 200h Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Sampoorna Yoga, in Goa.

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I wanted to be in India, at the source of Yoga, and the thought of staying right across the street from the ocean, and practicing yoga in shalas surrounded by the coconut trees seemed the perfect combination. I chose Sampoorna after seeing many beautiful photos of the school on Instagram. Everyone seemed to be having so much fun!GM BP Sampoorna Yoga - Agonda Image 2

I arrived in Agonda early January, and was in love from the get go. Agonda Beach is a beautiful, wide, clean stretch of golden sand, the ocean calm and warm. The village is small enough to be peaceful and non-commercial, yet remain resourceful with plenty little shops, and restaurants serving delicious local food, as well as multicultural options. My TTC was four weeks long. We started each day with a morning meditation and Pranayama practice, followed by 2h of Ashtanga Primary Series. Midday was spent on anatomy or philosophy lectures – the latter taught by an incredible Swami, with so much wisdom and kindness. In the afternoons we practiced alignment and adjustment, and enjoyed student teaching classes, where from the day one each of us had a chance to practice our teaching skills on the rest of the group. Our days were filled from dusk till dawn, and the month of January went by so fast. I had immersed myself in yoga to an extent I didn’t think possible prior to my trip. The teachers were supportive, understanding, well-educated and – most importantly – generous with their time and knowledge.

My group was a bunch of 30 lovely yogis from all over the world. We all had a full course package at Sampoorna, which included a stay inside an eco-cottage and vegetarian meals at the yoga village. And so the meal times were full of comradery, laughter and bonding. I have made incredible friends and created unforgettable memories. On most Saturdays we were kept busy for the first half of the day, experiencing fun variations of yoga like Acro Yoga or Partner Yoga. Time off was full of adventure. I explored the nearby villages like Patnem or Palolem, dined at the incredible Space Goa, visited the unforgettable Cola Beach. Halfway through my course, I already knew that I never wanted to leave.GM BP Sampoorna Yoga - Agonda Image 3

Experiencing a yoga teacher training can be one of the most challenging and rewarding life events. Sampoorna Yoga offers the opportunity to make the leap from the course to ‘real teaching’, on a Karma Yoga mentor program, attached to the school. All graduates are invited to apply, with few spaces available per season. The carefully selected Karma Yogis are hands-on involved in the day-to-day running of the school, eventually moving from teaching asanas to their fellow students and carrying out drop-in classes open to the public. I was lucky enough to be offered such apprenticeship, and will remain in Agonda until the end of this season. My yoga dream has become my life. I spend each day deepening my practice, teaching 90’ Ashtanga and Vinyasa drop-in classes, assisting instructors on the current TTC, and – most importantly – learning and growing as a student and teacher.

If you love Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga and want to deepen your personal practice – or maybe simply learn more, aren’t afraid of working hard, and want to stay in a beautiful surroundings – Sampoorna Yoga is the school for you. Taking a 200h Yoga Teacher Training will forever change you, and perhaps even the course of your life. Pack your mat, and come meet me under the coconut tree. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

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