Scuba Diving in Goa

Among the various things to do in Goa, for the adventurous spirit, there are always the depths of the sea to explore. Scuba diving in Goa has been left nearly untouched by the multitude of tourists that come to Goa every year.

Even though you may not have all the right gear to indulge in this sport, there’s always suppliers and agents who can help you to fulfill your desire in the safest way possible. There are a number of diving sites throughout the state, Different sites, offer different views of the underwater world.

Scuba Diving Sites in Goa

1. Bogmalo Beach

10 to 15 minutes from the coast of Bogmalo beach is St. Georges Island, divers dive from here to a depth of 2-15 meters depending on weather and sea conditions. This is a good place for beginners to try scuba diving in safe hands.

2. Sail Rock

If you want to see the big fish of the sea, Sail Rock is where you need to dive. Advanced divers tend to venture into this area, but it is also ideal for multilevel training as this place has a sloping wall which helps in adjusting to depth diving. There are strong currents and surges here, with big fish like sharks, rays, jacks and groupers swimming around. This is also off the Vasco coast and has a depth of 6-20 meters.

3. Suzy’s Wreck

Located of the Vasco de Gama coast, off the shores of Mortar Island, lies a WW II metal shipwreck about 30 meters long in shallow waters. It is an ideal dive site for beginners as it is at a depth of only 3-12 meters. however, it’s quite risky here owing to the abundance of scorpionfish and strong undercurrents. A varied amount of fish species can be seen here, from batfish, angelfish, sea fans, parrotfish, lionfish and the many more.

4. The Jetty

Located at the north western tip of Grand Island, this is a very shallow site with a maximum depth of 8 meters and an average depth of 5 to 6 meters. Lots of species of small fish such as the Lionfish and schooling baby mullets are frequently seen here.

5. Davy Jones Locker

For an advanced diving skill set, Davy Jones Locker provides the ideal environment for scuba diving, located 11-18 meters beneath the water, the propellers and stern section of the ship are intact, including some of the boilers. Tuna, barracuda, mullets and various other species are seen here. The currents here are extremely strong and advanced techniques need to be used here to maneuver through these rough undercurrents. This site was accidentally found when a certain group of divers stumbled upon this ship wreck. This site is also located of the coast of Vasco and can be reached by boat.

6. Ummagumma Reef

Grand island provides an excellent diving location with a number of diving sites around it. A wide variety of fish species are found here along with hard coral. Reef sharks are found here. The currents here are strong with strong surges and so are meant only for experienced divers as the depth is up to 14 meters.

7. Turbo Tunnel

As the name suggests, this is a narrow channel between an island of the Vasco coast and a rock with sea surging through it. The depth is shallow of about 8 meters making it ideal for beginners as well as experienced divers to challenge the strength of the waves.

8. Pigeon Island

Pigeon island is known for its scuba diving sites, and can be reached after taking a 1 hours boat ride from Murudeshwar in Karnataka which is approx. 100kms away from Goa. The abundance of sea life and the visibility under the sea make it an excellent spot for scuba diving.

9. Shelter Cove

An ideal dive site for beginners as it has a depth of only 8 meters with a wide variety of hard coral, lobsters and fish including stonefish, lionfish, sergeant major, parrotfish, damsels, triggerfish, angelfish, sweetlips, snappers and many more. Hawksbill turtles have been spotted on rare occasions.

10. Bounty Bay

Several species of small fish as well as hard coral are found here. Cuttlefish and nurse shark have also been seen here. It is ideal for beginners and trainees as the maximum depth is only 6 meters.

A number of scuba diving courses in Goa are offered with reasonable rates. The rates for a one-time beginner level dive will cost not less than Rs. 3,000 for an hour. There are guides and experts at the scene to help you out along with the equipment needed.