Shigmo Goa 2018 : Festival Dates Announced

Shigmo will be making its way back into Goa with splendor and valor. Has anyone not heard of Shigmo in Goa? Highly unlikely. After all, its the biggest Hindu festival in Goa with processions and festivities taking place all across the state every year. And this year, the Shigmotsav festival is sure to be bigger and better than ever before.

So be sure to keep your schedule clean from March 3 to March 17, because its about to get magical here in Goa.

What is Shigmo / Shigmotsav in Goa?

Hindu festivals are famous all round the globe for their extravagant display of colours, traditional music, folk and of course, yummy vegetarian food.

Shigmo is package with all of that and much more, neatly wrapped in a cloth made with a special Goan fabric.  Shigmo depicts the life of a Goans in elaborate traditional folk dances like Fugdi, Dhalo, Ghode Modni, Dekhni & many more.


The streets of Goa come to life during Shigmotsav with Band Baaja, Huge Floats & processions. Neatly lit up with attractive decor, lively parades and street vendors selling Khaje and Goan Jalebis.

Why is Shigmo celebrated in Goa?

In its essence, the Shigmo fest is a folklore holiday of the oncoming Spring season in Goa. Every festival day is associated with the performance of particular songs and dances with exact color of clothing. During the first day of celebration, people dress themselves up in saffron.

Shigmo Festival in Goa 2018 - Panjim Parade

The majority of skits presented during Shigmo 2018 will recreate some of the most important events from Indian mythology. Taking a leaf from the significant Epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, people take the skit a notch ahead by dressing up closely to how it’s told in our tales.

Shigmo Festival in Goa 2018 - Recitals & Stageplays

Photo by Arjun Kodoth

The 2018 Shigmo Goa Calendar

The following are the final dates of Shigmotsav Festival 2018 that will happen in Goa over a period of 14 days starting from March 3, 2018.

March 3  Ponda 
March 4  Margao
March 5  Vasco da Gama
March 6  Sanguem
March 7  Sanquelim
March 8  Valpoi
March 9  Bicholim
March 10  Panjim City
March 11  Mapusa
March 12  Pernem
March 13  Canacona
March 14  Quepem
March 15  Curchorem
March 16  Cuncolim

March 17 



Shigmo Festival in Goa 2018 - Ghode Modni Folk Dance of Goa

Folk Dance of Goa, Ghode Modni
Photo by Samrudha Amonkar

Creativity has no limits at Goa’s Shigmo

During Shigmotsav, kids and even some adults work together in building paper mache and newspaper filled demons and other known characters from Indian mythology. The most popular effigy among these is of Ravana, who is the primary antagonist in the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana. Or it is of the demon King Narkasur who was killed by Lord Krishna in Mahabharata.

Shigmo Festival in Goa 2018 - Narkasur Effigy & Colourful Floats (2)

Photo by Rohan Parab

These paper idols are short lived and are burnt post the Shigmotsav Festival Parades. But that has not stopped a lot of people from pouring their hearts out into building the best of floats. There are also plenty of competitions for building the most badass Narkasur possible. And even for the most creative float there. Consider joining, you never know.

People also take out their time to participate in Fancy Dress competitions and parades where they dress up extensively as Mythological Gods and other significant characters in spiritual world.

Shigmo Festival in Goa 2018 - Fancy Dress Competitions & Parades

Photo by Nikhil Shirodkar

Shigmo Festival in Goa 2018 - Fancy Dress Competitions & Parades

Dressed up as the Fierce Goddess Kali
Photo by Samrudha Amonkar

The Best Part of Shigmo 2018 in Goa

The merriest and the most joyous part of Shigmo festival is the tradition of covering each other with colored powder and bright paints and swilling one another showing thus their gladness of spring incoming. Yes, just like holi.

During the festival days Goa looks more picturesque than ever. Theres plenty of sights to see and tourists are more than welcome to partake in the festivites..

Shigmo Festival in Goa 2018 - Celebrating with Colours

Photo by Vipul Rege


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