Startup Goa’s Art and Design Meetup

Goa has created its own identity as a tourist destination, more than anything else. But for the past few years, it has been interesting to watch a latent rise in the amount of creative talent that this place can foster. Whether artists, designers, writers or musicians, Goa is a special place for many creative individuals to live, slow down and focus on the bare essentials of their work in the peaceful environs that it offers. Startup Goa’s Art and Design Meetups are a way to try and bring together this creative talent under one roof and create a dialogue between them. This month’s edition of the Art and Design Meetup took place at the Maracas Restaurant in Porvorim.

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Here are a few snippets from the evening.


Dipankar Mukherjee of the design collective DaFlokk gave a presentation on the importance of technology in art and design. In which he talked about involving post-modern media and technology in our art and design processes to make sure that they are appreciated and utilized by the contemporary audience.

Singer, songwriter, sound designer Vince Costa spoke about sound design, as an aspect of design theory.


With a gathering of a multitude of creative professionals, from designers, artists, photographers, film-makers, writers and musicians, hailing from different parts of India and abroad, the Art and Design Meetup was truly a beginning of many a collaborations. Do not miss the next edition of the Meetups and keep an eye out for more info on this space.