The Story of Space turns Panjim into an urban canvas with a 10-day multi-venue art festival

What is the Story of Space?

The Story of Space is a free, public festival of discovery and inquiry.

Between the 10th and 19th of November 2017, we have turned Panjim city into a learning playground with live experiences, immersive installations, workshops, talks, films, and panels on questions around space from multiple perspectives. We have engaged researchers, artists, and educators from around the globe— eighteen countries including India!— to create works with general or specific learning outcomes for audiences that they would not normally engage with. The festival presents and evaluates about 70 interesting projects on the theme of space.

Why Space?

We get too few opportunities in our youth to contemplate our space in the universe as well as the space of the universe in us. The Story of Space provides us with a chance to do this, and from a number of perspectives. These include but are not confined to the political concerns of space regarding ownership, boundaries, and migration; philosophical questions about space, regarding emptiness, tolerance and protest; space in terms of physics : interplanetary travel, stellar birth and quantum theories and lastly, our experience of space via our perception of it, both psychologically and via our senses.

Select Projects

Some of the highlights of the festival include an interdisciplinary exhibition supported by Numadic and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, which looks at the ‘void’ across science, philosophy (both Indian and Western), and art by theoretical physicist Giuseppe Bozzi, philosopher S. Bhuvuneshwari, and architect and designer Manuel Scortichini with video inputs from the famous Minute Physics YouTube channel. This project is. Learn about the life and death of stars in an art-meets-science, larger than life spectacle by the Polish Instytut B61.

Mumbai based Akash and Thomas, who goes by ‘Sound.Codes’, have collaborated with the Archeological Survey of India and Directorate of Archives and Archeology, Goa, to acoustically map 45 sites across Goa, covering its heritage and culture, reproducing and archiving the sites and sounds of Goa at the cultural Fundação Oriente building. Over the 10 day festival, US-based Migratory Cultures will project local and international narratives around people’s experiences of migration, including stories of migration unique to the Goan diaspora, all over the city. The program also has panels making relevant inquiries like “What is sustainable development to Goa?”, a focus group on “What learning in the 21st century should look like in India and internationally”, and talks by the likes of NASA scientist Henry Throop, exploring the question, “Are we alone in the universe?”

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