Styled in Goa with FUSS

Fashion blogger and model Rhea Gupte takes us on an editorial spin of Goa as she pairs her signature style to the monsoon melodies of her newly discovered home.

Recently trading in the hectic pace of the Mumbai fashion scene for the calm beaches and sunsets of Goa, Rhea is wasting no time in exploring her new surroundings. Quickly uncovering its endless supply of natural beauty and giving us an opportunity to experience it all again through her own eyes. Something you’re sure to find playing backdrop to the lust worthy spreads of her daily style blog FUSS.

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“FUSS is an online style diary that I created to document my taste in fashion and the evolution of my personal style. Over time it has also become a safe realm for me to explore my creativity in terms of composing pictures and writing my mind. Today I work on the blog full time collaborating with various fashion and lifestyle brands and websites. After living in Mumbai for a while, I felt the need to travel, discover new places and experience a different pace of life which would in turn influence the blog with a new perspective and unique ideas. Since shifting, I have been shooting constantly to create posts at the beautiful places in Goa. I love the calmness of this city and the fact that there is so much to be inspired from. It has been a month since I moved to Goa and still every pink sunset is more fascinating than the previous.”

Starting out in 2012, Rhea has since collaborated with such brands as Maybelline New York, QuirkBox, Cleonie, Zhivago, The Label Corp, Nidhi Munim, Matrix, Accessorize, and Van Heusen among many others. And while having been brought up in Mumbai, spending four years in Bangalore, she is now excited to travel all around Goa capturing visuals and creating new editorial content.GM_FUSS in Goa 06“Here it seems like there is so much to see and so little time. I am looking forward to plan a trip to Palolem as I have never been to South Goa and also to all the little islands. The city is definitely keeping me on my toes.”

Quoting Vagator hill as one of her favourite places in Goa for its serenity, Rhea is always on the lookout for calm, isolated beaches to think up her next creative. Often inspired by the colourful buildings along the streets of Panjim, playing on the natural light and shadows of an evening at Miramar Beach or capturing the kind of vintage wonderland the city’s lamp posts always take her to, we certainly can’t wait to see where her editorial eye brings her to next.

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