The Summer Project

Art, Fashion & Cuisine | April 20th to May 20th

Hosts of this month’s ‘The Summer Project’, an event showcasing a mix of Art, Fashion & Cuisine running up until the 20th of May, Sacha’s Shop and The Black Sheep Bistro are two local businesses well worth adding to your list of must-sees while spending any amount of time in the capital city.

For when everyone else is slowing down and preparing to shut shop for the season, these two are just getting started.  Instead of the usual retreat in response to the rising heat and fast approaching rains, they’ve taken it as an opportunity to have a little fun and celebrate the arrival of all things summer.

GM_The Summer Project 02

Currently wrapping the second week of the on going collaboration, having kick started the event on April 19th with an expose of art curated by Kanchi Mehta of Chameleon Art Projects, displaying a range of works by artists from Goa, Mumbai, Portugal and the US.  Also introducing the shop’s latest collections by Savio Jon, Tilla, Naurhad Ali and Maku to name a few, all the while providing the perfect introduction to the sensational dishes one can expect coming out of Panjim’s newest concept bar and lounge.

Staying true to their motto of ‘Globally Inspired, Locally Created’, The Black Sheep Bistro has developed an exclusive Summer Set Menu focused on using the freshest seasonal ingredients, which they aim to keep as much within the 100 mile radius as possible throughout the entire year. Pairing each dish with a selection of noteworthy wines, handpicked by in-house sommelier and owner himself, all of which can be enjoyed along side to the perfect summer playlist.

And so we wanted to know asides from the obvious, being neighbors occupying the two ground floor spaces of Sacha’s own childhood home, what was it that made these two the perfect pair for a little summer fling?

When Sacha reflects on her first time eating at BSB, which has quickly become her go to eatery and of course not just because of its convenient location, she explains the excitement she felt as though she had just discovered the culinary version of her own shop.  Stating that the way they are working with food is essentially the same as what she has been doing with fashion in her shop since it opened four years back.  BSB’s whole exploration of ingredients and new cooking techniques, taking inspiration from a diverse mix of international dishes and combining them with the taste and textures one looks for and expects in Indian cuisine to give their customers an entirely new experience.  Similarly as the girls at Sacha’s Shop continuously find themselves playing between the looks and silhouettes they love and know their customers crave while always throwing in a little something different, be it the latest pieces from their lust worthy collection of designer wear or the eclectic and utterly unique mix of locally crafted housewares and accessories which fill the remaining shelves.

GM_The Summer Project 03

Similarly when asked to give a little back-story on the project’s concept and what inspired them to collaborate on the event, they said it was only natural. Describing it simply as a joint desire and willingness to experiment spurred by a love for collective creativity.   It was a chance to explore the many different facets of their own respective industries, highlighting elements within each while promoting local, up and coming talents in need of visibility. As business owners, they are all aware of the position they now hold within the community and that if executed properly the kind of platform such events can create.

So of course we had to ask, can we expect many more collaborations to come?

Laughing, they said that things were only just getting rolling with this project but that from the response so far it is definitely something they are excited to pursue.  So long as it keeps them having fun, they’d open to just about anything. 

And that sounds just fine by us.  To learn more about each of these two Panjim businesses and the stories behind their success, check out our one-on-one articles with both Sacha’s Shop and The Black Sheep Bistro.


Summer Menu | Rs. 599 per head | Wine Tasting | Rs. 400 per head

Fashion | Savio Jon . Ritika Sachdeva . Aavaran Saris and more

Sacha’s Shop | Mon-Sat | 10am-8pm | Black Sheep Bistro | Tues-Sun | 7pm onwards

E526 Swami Vivekananda Road | Opp the Old Passport Office | Panjim | Goa 403001

All photos courtesy of Sara Visconti