Supersonic Festival Experience Zones

Vh1 Supersonic-FB Cover-Generic

Here’s some interesting news for everybody heading to the Supersonic Festival and for those who are still on the fence about going for it. Apart from the great music that has been promised, there will be various areas called the Supersonic Festival Experience Zones including a Budweiser Beach Beer Garden. Never before seen, the Budweiser Beer Garden offers all festivalgoers an exclusive range of beers from across the globe. It aims to be a place where festivalgoers can just relax and take a break from dancing to enjoy a cold beer.

The introduction of a Hippie Market sounds quite exciting. It promises to restore the magic and essence of Goa from the 1950s and 1960s. The Hippie Market should definitely bring something different to the concept of a flea market and sounds like it will be a fun experience. Anyone who has been to the Anjuna Flea Market before knows what we’re talking about.

The Smirnoff Island Bar features various games and interactions, with a lot of cool prizes for the taking. Smirnoff will also give the festival goers an opportunity to curate their festival experience through the use of their Mixhibit social app. make sure you gear your phone up with this app before heading to the festival.

Budweiser Vh1 Supersonic is also set to introduce a live graffiti stage. Festivalgoers will be able to learn the basics of graffiti and make their own works of art. Photographs are an integral part of any kind of festival as you can capture the beauty of the festival as well as all the interesting people from different walks of life that attend it. V.Dot will give festivalgoers the chance to dress up  and take photos at their fun photobooth. Eveready is also providing charging stations at the festival so that everyone can stay connected to friends and family and fellow festivalgoers, of course.

For details on the Supersonic Festival, click here.